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  • Posted to 20 Beautiful Restaurant Websites made with WordPress, Dec 08, 2019

    These ads for Qode themes are getting old.

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  • Posted to Freebie: Bamburgh UI Kit, in reply to Joel Sinnott , Jul 16, 2019

    No, no one ever. That's why you see hundreds of them for sale.

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  • Posted to Looking For Some Feedback, Feb 26, 2019

    Hi Hasan,

    Here are some quick thoughts:

    1. I found the initial introduction confusing:

    Hi A Toronto based digital marketer with a...

    This doesn't make grammatical sense and should be re-phrased to something like "Hi, I'm Hasan, A Toronto based digital marketer..."

    1. The logo appears blurry on my screen (a retina iMac), I'd recommend using an SVG instead to keep it sharp regardless of resolution.

    2. Visually, the spacing feels out of balance. The leading on the introduction paragraph is very spaced, but the general padding on the sections around it feel a too tight in contrast. I'd either tighten up the leading, or increase the overall spacing.

    3. On the individual projects on the "Portfolio" page, I would generally expect to be able to click the image to take me to the project. I'd consider wrapping them in a link.

    4. The following line includes a highlighted ampersand:

    latest design trends & learn new coding languages

    The ampersand looks like a link, as all your other links appear in the red highlight colour. What purpose does highlighting the ampersand serve? I'd also argue that using an ampersand mid-sentence like this feels a little off grammatically speaking.

    Hope this helps :)

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  • Posted to This Web App Lets You Build Your Own Stock Photos, Feb 17, 2019

    I feel like beyond placing people on plain coloured backgrounds, the results are really poor and in some cases, downright terrible. It's a cool idea though, I'm all for being able to generate images with the perfect copy space!

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  • Posted to Intro to Font Metrics, Feb 12, 2019

    Great article Weston! I am constantly frustrated by Figma's (and other design tools) wild inconsistencies when aligning type within a bounding box - it seems to vary dramatically from typeface-to-typeface.

    I'm glad to see some discussion around this pain point :)

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  • Posted to Does InVision Studio lag for anybody else really bad?, in reply to Ryan Hicks , Jul 19, 2018

    Exact same experience for me with both a 2015 iMac and 2015 MBP.

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  • Posted to Help! Need some feedback, Jul 04, 2018

    It's always going to be tough to sell a product that is $10 on AliExpress for $80 - in general I think people are savvy enough to at least Google search the product you're selling.

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  • Posted to Scroll to the future: everything you always wanted to know about implementing scrolling but were afraid to ask, Apr 12, 2018

    Absolutely fantastic article, well written and great depth on each concept. Thanks for sharing!

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  • Posted to Postcards - Create Beautiful Responsive Emails With a Simple Drag & Drop, in reply to Zip Zap , Feb 14, 2018

    Agreed, 'Take My Money' makes for an off-putting first impression.

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