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  • Posted to AMA: Adobe XD 2017, Aug 30, 2017

    Used Photoshop for UI for years, moved to Sketch a few years back, but would love to move to XD fulltime. One of the single most important features of Sketch is the ease of building plugins - they support and have enabled so much more than the core team could implement. Are these on the roadmap in the near-term?

    One plugin in particular, as I'm sure the team is fully aware of is Zeplin. As soon as it supports XD, I'll consider making the switch fulltime.

    Additionally, with Sketch opening up their file format, can we expect to see .sketch import functionality coming to XD soon? This would do wonders for easing people into the tool who are coming from Sketch. I know you can copy/paste exported SVGs, but something more direct would be appreciated.

    All that said, I truly appreciate what you guys are building and hope you succeed. The dedication to simplicity and performance is excellent. I turned to Sketch as it was more focused for the uses I need over Photoshop... but at times now, Sketch feels sluggish and has bugs that persist for months (or years). Hoping that XD can break me away from that.

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