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Daniel Hardy

UX Nerd, Developer, and Visual Designer wanna be. Joined about 10 years ago via an invitation from Andrea G.

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  • Posted to New Amazon Homepage Design, Sep 11, 2014

    Does anyone know a way to always get the new design? Seems like they should put you in that group and see if you spending shopping habits change... not simply show it one time and not the next.

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  • Posted to Idea: A website where charities can list design work they need done and designers can do it pro-bono, Dec 20, 2013

    I have had this same thought before. I think it would be pretty cool and I would even encourage you to extend it to open source applications (who hasn't used a few of these that could use some love).

    The hardest part is going to be getting everyone in the loop which sites like this can help with.

    Can't wait to see what you guys come up with.

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  • Posted to More than 1.000.000 images available for free use, Dec 18, 2013

    Perfect timing - I was just looking for photos like the ones on the first page.

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  • Posted to How do you create a design culture?, in reply to Dan B , Oct 16, 2013

    This gave me a chuckle... thank you

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  • Posted to Custom Photoshop Workspaces for UI Design?, in reply to Manik Rathee , Oct 04, 2013

    I know you where not asking me but I use the app so I will try and hope in and help.

    It is called Source Tree and is a GIT UI. http://www.sourcetreeapp.com/ (great app for working with GIT repos)

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  • Posted to What do you think of when you think of karma?, Sep 21, 2013

    For some reason Karma makes me think of a coffee house. Autumn colors, simple and honest designs... nothing hyper real... Just my first response to the word... Hope it helps!

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  • Posted to Freelancers: Work for free, in reply to Nice Shoes , Sep 17, 2013

    You are right it should be on your terms... I also would hesitate to do 100 revisions or deal with problematic clients for free. :-)

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  • Posted to Freelancers: Work for free, Sep 17, 2013

    I don't really freelance but I couldn't agree more with his intent. Networking is king and one of the greatest ways to build your network is to help others in need.

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  • Posted to Site Design: Seersucker, Sep 13, 2013

    I agree - I didn't see it the first time but once I didit intrigued me to interact with it.

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  • Posted to Creative Cloud & CC Apps.... Worth It?, Aug 27, 2013

    I like the CC Suite and have had no problems except a process running wild for no reason. It is a known issue with the creative cloud daemon and is easily resolvable by killing it. That said, I love having the entire suite at my finger tips with out having to install all of it. I run it on a 13" Macbook Air with only 128GB SSD and a 15" Retina with a 256GB SSD so space is an issue.

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