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  • Posted to GitSpo – landing page design for Open-Source Analytics service, in reply to Felix Meadow , Apr 22, 2019

    Thank you. Not at the moment. It is a mix and match of couple effects. I am developing a few custom animations. Will share them as React components. Currently working on a wavy/ animated text underline.

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  • Posted to GitSpo – landing page design for Open-Source Analytics service, Apr 21, 2019

    Just launched GitSpo and looking for critique concerning the landing page.

    What doesn't feel right/ what feels right/ what changes do you suggest?

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  • Posted to One of the biggest mistakes I’ve made in my career (past lead designer on Photoshop), Sep 02, 2015

    twenty years [ago] I had pixel perfect mockups [..]

    Well, there weren't many pixels back then. : )

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  • Posted to A collection of Framer modules, in reply to Robin Raszka , Sep 02, 2015

    This comment does not add value to the discussion.

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  • Posted to When debigging css, what do you usually use?, in reply to Misel Tekinder , Sep 02, 2015

    No. I usually just have a "debug" class that assigns this style to all the descendants and then just add debug class to the element that I want to test, be it body or some arbitrary element down the DOM tree.

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  • Posted to We're making Niice completely free for students, in reply to Chris Armstrong , Sep 01, 2015

    It works for me now as well. I have tried replicating the issue, though it does not appear as something that can be replicated from end (i.e. server issue most likely). I suggest looking at the logs.

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  • Posted to A tiny script that makes sure your site is always there for your users, Sep 01, 2015

    Might be worth adding a line that this works on mobile and desktop. The intro page gives an impression that it is mobile specific.

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  • Posted to Introducing Flow: Beautiful Chat + Tasks for Your Team, Sep 01, 2015

    Integration with GitHub would be nice.

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  • Posted to Get Comfortable Sharing Your Shitty Work, Sep 01, 2015

    One advise: Do not use your real name when sharing your work in early stage of learning. The work that you share publicly can hurt you in the future, e.g. I once applied for a job in X company (huge telecoms company in US). I was looking to find their CTO's email, therefore I attacked Google with queries searching for his email address (combinations of name, last name). I came across a code snippet that he has shared in the past (5 years ago). It that had his email credentials... and password (It was a program for extracting subject lines from the most recent unread emails). My first thought: this is embarrassing. Guess what... his email has not changed since and he was forwarding all his work correspondence to that email. I have told him about it and suggested to change the password. The moral? We make stupid mistakes in the beginning that can backfire in the future.

    If anyone's curious, I never got the job. A year later I met platform architect form that same company. We chatted a bit and after he told me the company he works for, I said I have applied to it. He remembered my application and said that CTO vetoed against my application. What a nice guy. : )

    This advise is from a programmer's perspective, but I am sure it applies to designers just as much. Someone can use your early work as an example of undeveloped taste, plagiarism, it might include content that you'd rather not be associated with, etc.

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  • Posted to A collection of Framer modules, Sep 01, 2015

    It would be a smart idea to add some sort of reference to As someone who is not familiar with Framer software, I have no idea what I am looking at.

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