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  • Posted to – Interesting Internet, Jan 04, 2022

    Hey DN,

    This is a big update to our site Fuse – made for discovering your next favourite artists, video, and as a reference for finding creators in major creative fields.

    We added the ability to shuffle the posts, added a Type category, and have a more visual image layout to help you explore.

    Hope you find something you like!


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  • Posted to Billi – Be Money Mindful, in reply to Alexis Wollseifen , May 20, 2021

    Hey Alexis, yes! think of Billi as Rollie's cooler cousin. This one is a real job :-)

    I'm okay with my money, but I honestly don't know how much better I could be without this kind of tool, Billi certainly stems from a personal problem.

    The design started as a direct redesign of the pains I had using my banking apps — slow login, buried transactions, and transactions being displayed like a mess. But once you start designing with transactions there's a lot you can build around them!

    Maybe a clubhouse or something one day..

    Thanks for the curiosity!

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  • Posted to Billi – Be Money Mindful, Apr 21, 2021

    Hey DN,

    Bank apps suck. We're designing a better way to interact with your money, with a positive approach and mindset.

    Connect unlimited banks and see them all in one place. See your subscriptions and bills. Categories and lots more..

    Here to answer any questions you might have :-)

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  • Posted to Fuse – Interesting Internet, in reply to Sacha Greif , Aug 05, 2020

    Thank you! The header is built with an open source physics engine called Matter.js – plus some custom implementation for detecting clicks and filtering. The 3d icons are made in Blender, also open source!

    Thanks for the heads up about twitter, that should be fixed now!

    ps love sidebar!

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  • Posted to Fuse – Interesting Internet, in reply to Chinmay Kulkarni , Aug 05, 2020

    Thank you, glad you're enjoying it!

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  • Posted to Fuse – Interesting Internet, Aug 04, 2020

    Hey! Excited to share the new Fuse with you all. Fuse started in 2017 with daily curated links that disappeared after 7 days. But really we were hoarding them! and this new site opens the entire archive for the first time :) Hope you find something you like there. LMK if you have any questions or submissions!

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  • Posted to New iPad Pro, Mar 18, 2020

    That new cursor is super interesting, I wonder if it would ever come to mac. Curious how it works in a browser

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  • Posted to Any "slow web" recommendations? , Feb 14, 2020 – mix of interesting internet + cool artists & designers

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  • Posted to Learn SwiftUI for iOS 13, in reply to Meng To , Jun 28, 2019

    Purchased :-)

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