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  • Posted to Will Bohemian release a bug free version of Sketch before the community runs out of goodwill?, Nov 02, 2015

    The thing that eats me most about Sketch (these days) is that I get an inconsistent experience between systems. I switch regularly between an MBP and a tricked out MacBook that I use for on-the-go work sessions and the bugs I run into consistently are different on both machines. For example I have problems where texts and symbols will randomly disappear on the MBP and booleans get all jacked on the MB - I've got a laundry list of them and yet I've never seen the same bug on both machines. It's just really weird.

    Do n't get me wrong, I enjoy working in sketch but if I need to do anything beyond solid color / simple gradients, or simple layouts, it's just faster for me to do it in Illustrator. Those little headaches add up and I just can't afford the production delays half the time.

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  • Posted to Crafting your design portfolio, a story., Aug 22, 2015

    I started reading the guide and one of the things that makes it really nice is that they share a lot of insights into how the hiring side evaluates your work. So far seems like a good guide whether you're looking to get into UX or you've just been futzing with your portfolio for a while, already.

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