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  • Posted to Ryan Morrison — Designer at Webflow, in reply to Ryan Morrison , Mar 15, 2017

    Experts looks good! Nice to see a lot of the elements remained.

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  • Posted to What about Illustrator? , in reply to Rhys Merritt , Jan 15, 2017

    In that, the focus of the guide is on using Illustrator for UI (not Sketch or PS). Sorry, I thought that was obvious.

    I brought up Specctr because that is the only thing the Illustrator community has that is remotely like anything the Sketch community has. DM me if you're still unclear on that.

    Re-read this post, I'm not arguing for the merits of Illustrator over anything else, but rather asking why it isn't supported (which Andy answered already).

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  • Posted to What about Illustrator? , in reply to Andy Merskin , Jan 15, 2017

    Thank you!! This answer is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for the clarity. Good to know my hunch was right - it's more on the development side, than of demand.

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  • Posted to What about Illustrator? , in reply to Rhys Merritt , Jan 15, 2017

    Thanks for your input!

    You're right, Area17 does say that in their guide. But they go on to sell (in great depth) the virtues of using Illustrator (over these apps), so that doesn't seem substantive.

    Specctr - Oh, I agree. I mentioned this tool because it's the closest thing (to my mind) that is to InVision Inspect. But apps like InVision Craft would be much preferred!

    Heh. Are we a minority? That's the question. Based on this thread, Area17 and MDS, it definitely doesn't seem like it. But the question is - why not support it?

    And I don't do redlines anymore either (who does?).

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  • Posted to What about Illustrator? , in reply to Rey Alejandro , Jan 15, 2017

    Too powerful? Heh.

    I hear you on the price. I don't love having to pay $50/mo for it, but Photoshop is also apart of the Adobe CC family (e.g. expensive).

    Oh, Specctr is an Illustrator spec tool (like InVision's Inspect for Sketch). It's awesome.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: How to write a case study?, Dec 29, 2016

    I think Nuno Coelho Santos does this really well (see Currency app):

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  • Posted to What Chrome Extensions do you love the most?, in reply to Maciej Skrzyszewski , Oct 14, 2016

    Whoa. Pesticide, Emmet and Accesibility have just changed my workflow for the better! Thanks!

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Is it just me, or are there less remote jobs for designers?, Sep 28, 2016

    I couldn't agree more. And I've either looked at or tried a lot of so-called remote-friendly sites: Olokuta, Gigster, UpWork, Working Not Working, Crew, LocalSolo, and OnSite.

    That said, I do find a fair amount of remote work via good ol' word of mouth. My clients are either in NY or SF and with tech like Hangouts or Zoom, remote work is actually pretty seamless.

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  • Posted to CloudMagic is now Newton, Sep 19, 2016

    What are you guys using instead?

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  • Posted to CloudMagic is now Newton, in reply to Dave Yoon , Sep 19, 2016

    If the trial ends, you are still allowed to use it? I thought it was paid or you can't used it.

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