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Lucas Guarneri

Paris, France Product Designer at Withings Joined over 8 years ago

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  • Posted to What are your top wish-list/feature requests in SketchApp?, Jul 25, 2017

    Library + Autolayout (i.e. if I change the height of a component, I don't want to have to re-position every instance manually).

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  • Posted to What are some of the best design podcasts to follow?, Jul 25, 2017

    He gets a lot of hate but I actually enjoy listening to Van Schneider's NTMY:

    Definitely not always design-related (and if so, it's mostly visual design) but I enjoy his interviews of entrepreneurs and freelancers. They give a glimpse of lifestyles that can sometimes be pretty inspiring and are just I think overall feel-good.

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  • Posted to Dude Calendar. It's a new calendar. For dudes., Jul 07, 2017

    Where's that Mike Monteiro article about Bro Culture?

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  • Posted to AMA: Framer Team On Framer 2.0, The Complete Product Design Tool, Jun 01, 2017

    Congratulations on this very exciting launch!

    We've discussed the new Framer Design at the company I work at and what's really missing for us is a component library in order to collaborate easily within our design team (We use Craft by Invision at the moment, it's not ideal but does a pretty good job). I think with Framer being code-based it should be even easier to build re-usable components and avoid duplicates across individual team files.

    Also the second thing missing (which we haven't found anywhere else) is spec automation: turn these components into convenient hand-offs to development teams.

    Are these 2 topics things you're looking into?

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  • Posted to A Year of Google and Apple Maps, May 29, 2017

    Can't believe they haven't hired him already.

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  • Posted to Best way to work collaborative in Sketch?, in reply to Chris Lüders , Mar 22, 2017

    We're still looking for a better workflow. Also we would love to drop Confluence for dev hand-offs.

    I'm still waiting for the tool that does it all (and works with Sketch of course).

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  • Posted to Best way to work collaborative in Sketch?, Mar 22, 2017

    We currently have a main file called "Library iOS". Then each designer has its own version, for instance "Library iOS Lucas", "Library iOS Ahmed" to work in. Whenever something's final, he/she copy/pastes it in the main "Library iOS" file.

    This system + Invision Craft Libraries works but it's not ideal.

    I'm looking forward to seeing Abstract (git for Sketch) in action, along with the next version of Sketch.

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  • Posted to A Designer’s Guide to Working with Product Managers, Mar 22, 2017

    This is really good. These PM skills also make you a better Product Designer.

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  • Posted to Can designers make a political difference? They’re going to try, Mar 03, 2017

    Let us design inclusively in the absence of inclusive politics.

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  • Posted to What kind of car should a UX designer use?, Feb 28, 2017

    Electric. This would solve a bigger problem regardless of the interface design choice :)

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