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  • Posted to Show DN: Practice Interview Questions for Designers, Oct 05, 2015

    Great questions! Very helpful and some, challenging. I also love the peptalk. Haha

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  • Posted to Show DN: Pixel Union, in reply to Jim Silverman , Sep 22, 2015

    I didn't see the carousel until I read this comment and went back to check.

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  • Posted to MailChimp Pro, in reply to Alex Chan , Sep 16, 2015

    I liked them as well! I do agree some took a bit of time to understand. But in that extra time, I actually read each feature title to try to connect the photo to the words. So maybe its a good strategy to pique curiosity and get the user to pause & hopefully read?

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  • Posted to Checkboxes Are Never Round, in reply to Thomas Petersen , Sep 04, 2015

    Whether it is a website or iOS it doesn't matter, both are digital experiences. The user is not going to act or think differently just because the interaction is within a browser. Not all websites/apps have the need for BOTH check boxes and radio buttons. If the site calls for both, then maybe the check box is square. My opinion is that the author shouldn't say never, because in some cases round check boxes can be okay.

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  • Posted to Checkboxes Are Never Round, Sep 04, 2015

    The "checkboxes" in the native iOS reminders app are round and aren't very confusing (anyone think otherwise?). So maybe not never... But I do agree that they don't work well in those examples given though.

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  • Posted to Blurred Lines: Great software design teams blur the lines between their roles and responsibilities., Aug 28, 2015

    As an architectural designer by day, the comparison was quite interesting to me. We can all agree that strong knowledge of the medium can only be beneficial and will allow the designer to have better control over the details of the end product.

    Architects detail the construction of a wall, but don't build every single wall in the project. A designer should be able to specify how an element could be built but shouldn't have to be involved in coding the entire app.

    TLDR; Yes - knowledge, No - wasting time on production.

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  • Posted to Gulp for Designers - Getting Started with Gulp.js, Aug 21, 2015

    Helpful article. Thanks!

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