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  • Posted to Website Header Design in 2020: Best Practices and Examples, Feb 11, 2020

    since when is the Hero section considered the header? Its certainly not considered the header in HTML or in design. Sounds miss informed.

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  • Posted to New personal site — thoughts+talks about design direction; design technology synthesis, Jan 16, 2020

    Dont use GIFs for a slideshow. Gifs are extremely resource-intensive, the fade animation between slides is noticeably choppy. You'd be better off exporting this as an MP4 inside the video tag that has autoplay and loop attributes. 1. the file size will be at least half, and 2. you won't get that chugging choppy low FPS look.

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  • Posted to CSS Grid Layout vs CSS Frameworks: When To Use What?, in reply to Josh Sanders , Nov 23, 2019

    thank you for saying this. I saw the title and read the article and was like but why compare css grid with a framework? it makes no sense. If the author wanted to compare the benefits of using a css framework vs coding it from scratch, then it would make much more sense.

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  • Posted to Instagram mockup dark mode – Sketch – Free Download, in reply to Andrew C , Nov 23, 2019

    right cause there isn't like a thousand online localization services to help translate the website. I'm talking about the service not this designers mock.

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  • Posted to Instagram mockup dark mode – Sketch – Free Download, Nov 19, 2019

    I thought about selling on this service but all the typos have me sketch'd out. Professionalism is key here. You can't spell "Sign" correctly, there is something up.

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  • Posted to How much RAM do we need for design?, Nov 17, 2019

    at least 32gb. I use Blender/C4D/AE/Sketch/Affinity Photo. It really depends on what you mean by "designer" if you see yourself doing rendering with AE and 3D modeling then the more ram the better. 16gb should work fine for AI/Sketch/PS/Affinity. it's not until you combine that with modeling or motion graphics does it become noticeable.. Having a good graphics card(the higher tier) also is something to think on. The bigger the GPU and more GRAM will also affect the performance of rendering.

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  • Posted to Diagonal Containers in CSS, in reply to Matthew Smith , Apr 18, 2019


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  • Posted to Diagonal Containers in CSS, Apr 16, 2019

    or you could do this and it would be cross browser compatible. because clip-path polygon is not supported in IE or edge browsers only url option for clip-path.

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  • Posted to Using a static site generator at scale, Apr 06, 2019

    AWS(amazon web services) entire documentation layer is built in jekyll. Thats 1000's of pages of content. I personally would use Gatsby with Contentful. I Just finished building a site with gatbsy. Jekyll is just a little outdated workflow imo. gatsby is more modern solution and with that more modern tools work with gatsby like netilfy and contentful.

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  • Posted to TOKYO 2020 UNVEILS GAMES PICTOGRAMS, Mar 12, 2019

    I thought this was going to be nintendo themed? remember that promo they put out at the rio games?

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