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  • Posted to Stripe Billing, in reply to C W , Apr 08, 2018

    I do think that most if not all of the animations on Stripe landing pages are made with Benjamin de Cock's own animate plus library. Also, Bodymovin usually exports canvas/svg and the Stripe ones are 100% CSS and JS. Truely impressive !

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  • Posted to Ask DN: What are you reading?, in reply to Sam Solomon , Sep 19, 2016

    I I just began to read Ready Player One after clicking on your link. I'm just a few chapters in but man, thanks for sharing it. Easy to read and pretty cool story.

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  • Posted to Show DN: Ora.pm - your team's new workspace, Aug 11, 2016

    Spotted a typo on the slider-gallery thing (homepage). When "Idea board" is selected, middle column says "In Proress"

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  • Posted to Our company's homage to the Star Wars saga, Dec 12, 2015

    Cool work ! Just a little thing : navigations links font color is white on white background when scrolling up (.Nav-link gets the #fff color of the .StarWars class). You might want to look into it :) Edit : only on the homepage

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