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  • Posted to The Grid: Certainly Misguided, Probably a Scam, in reply to Drew Beck , Aug 30, 2015

    I absolutely agree with what Drew has to say. It's not going to be a magic wand(when you read AI). They're just taking website making to the next level. Progressive. And needed. It's next generation of templates I feel.

    The author is being too harsh with a skeptic lens.

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  • Posted to AMA: Hi, I'm Andrew Wilkinson, Publisher of Designer News and Founder of MetaLab. Ask me anything., Aug 08, 2015

    Hey Andrew, Go this message a little late and could not ask before. If I had to ask just one thing - How do you go about choosing a perfect imagery for the given headline. I usually find myself coming up with nice headlines for the product(e.g. "Your collection nightmares are over."), but struggle to complement it with equally solid imagery/illustration/visual language. Something that's subtle and effective. Something that communicates the marketing story. For example, the imagery that you've used on the Slack marketing site (Communication for 21st century etc.). Some advice, please.

    Thanks a lot, Ishan

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