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Tareq Ismail

San Francisco, CA Principal Designer, Amplitude Inc. Joined almost 8 years ago

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  • Posted to Tareq Ismail Portfolio, in reply to alex loghin , May 11, 2018

    Thanks Alex! Super helpful.

    (1) Good catch with the typo. Fixed!

    (2) Good point with the logo. I had a few iterations but didn't like any of them. Felt too forced. Good thing to consider, especially if people come to my site directly from a blog post.

    (3) Contact in footer is a great idea and something I'll definitely add soon.

    Thanks again!

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  • Posted to Tareq Ismail Portfolio, in reply to adrian io , May 11, 2018

    Wow, that's really kind of you to say Adrian!

    Really appreciate you going into detail in your feedback. Trying to make the site 'feel' human was really important to me as many failed attempts to redesign my portfolio came off too "show-off"y and just didn't feel like my goofy self. So I told myself to be me and show more of me (which was terrifying too since I don't like photos of myself).

    So your feedback goes a long way since I really felt I put real self out there. Thank you!

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  • Posted to Tareq Ismail Portfolio, in reply to Simon Deighton , May 11, 2018

    Thanks Simon!

    I struggled with this since it seems to be something related to monitor color profiles. I tried to color pick the correct color on 3 different monitors but it's slightly different for each. Plus on top of that the video file needs to be compressed a bit so color is slightly shifted as well.

    I've read a few things around using Canvas tag to do actual transparency which might be a better bet.

    Open to any suggestions or links people have around the topic!

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  • Posted to Tareq Ismail Portfolio, in reply to jacob s. , May 10, 2018

    Wow, thanks!

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  • Posted to JK Rowling shuts down Erik Spiekermann on Twitter, Aug 21, 2017

    He apologized multiple times.

    And the original author, Emily, has encouraged people to stop hating on him:

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  • Posted to Sponsor: Coordinate launches, plan new features, organize user research, and stay on the same page with Airtable, Apr 03, 2017

    Huge fan of AirTable! Really nice for Design research.

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  • Posted to Any designers who work with coded prototypes?, in reply to Taylor Palmer , Feb 06, 2017

    We don't currently use User Testing because we have the luxury or testing with real customers every week. We have on-going UX tests every week and we often visit customer offices to show them new designs so it's not a need.

    As for the advantage over static prototypes.. it's all about the data! Especially when designing data visualizations, it's easy to imagine what something would look like but in practice it's so different for different companies. For example, as a super simple example, imagine a bar graph. Most examples you would imagine would show similarly sized bars. However, if most customers' data has 2 bars that are 20x bigger than the other 5 bars, then the smaller bars will be hard to see and show little variance. To test out all edge cases, a real live prototype can really save time by seeing it with real customer data. The bar graph example is a simple one but once you start thinking of complicated things that shows multiple dimensions then it gets even more needed to use real data. For example, I recently used a Packed Bubble Chart which I had very little experience with and I absolutely needed to prototype with real data before I felt comfortable it would work well.

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  • Posted to Any designers who work with coded prototypes?, Feb 02, 2017

    (1) Framer Our team at Amplitude uses Framer a lot to prototype new features and components. Although Framer is really for small micro-interactions, if you have JS experience it can become a powerful tool to prototype things that look as good as production.

    (2) Labs Our front-end team has also built an entire area called Labs in our app where we can build using any JS libraries/hacky code we want. It doesn't touch the main codebase and doesn't require us to learn React and be fully compliant with our Front end coding standards. It's for experimentation! The important part is that since it's actually on our app, we can use REAL data and see how they would look in practice rather than just in a mock - which for an analytics tool is incredibly important.

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  • Posted to Cascading Symbols in Sketch, Jan 12, 2017

    I've used this technique for my last project and it's incredible! We changed our entire Style guide to be like so and now even our Product people can whip up quick mocks together easily. Highly recommended.

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