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  • Posted to Why you shouldn’t have a carousel on your home page, in reply to Riho Kroll , Aug 24, 2015

    As a business owner / marketer / growth hacker I see my apps home page as the opportunity to get attention, and hold attention long enough to get our value proposition across - I feel (for us) that a carousel might derail this process. Plus we're currently split testing our home page headlines etc and having a carousel would make this a nightmare.

    There may come a time when a carousel is something that might help our cause e.g. quickly cycling through customer case studies - but for now, it's a no from me :)

    Good discussion point though. Always good to revisit these things... it would be interesting to ask the guy the invented the carousel as to why he built it.

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  • Posted to Getting paid on time... tips, tricks, pain points?, in reply to Kamile Mieliauskaite , Aug 23, 2015

    Hi Kamile, thanks for taking the time to respond. What you've described is fairly commonplace where your payment terms are not being taken that seriously by your customers - maybe because you're small and they're large? Or as you say because they're too busy.

    Some other feedback we've had is that designers don't want to use an automated app to send reminders because it's too impersonal? But the flip side is that it removes the "annoying and uncomfortable" conversations you have to have.

    What do you think the ideal solution would be for your problem? What if you had someone to do the follow up for you?

    Thanks again.


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  • Posted to Designers! Tell me about your password manager!, in reply to Luis La Torre , Jul 31, 2015

    Lastpass is awesome. Browser plugin and mobile app plus 2FA makes it super secure and handy. Shared passwords between your team is also super handy for those apps where you only have one user account and don't want to pay for more!

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