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  • Posted to What CMS for designer/front end developers?, in reply to Johannes Lamers , Jul 06, 2017

    I've worked with Joomla, Drupal, and Wordpress in the past.

    Craft CMS is phenomenal.

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  • Posted to Netflix’s new design series spreads the wrong idea about design, in reply to Duke Cavinski , Feb 23, 2017

    All solid points being made here.

    But I hope you can find some inspiration in Es Devlin, Tinker Hatfield, or any of the other undeniably talented designers they featured.

    To each their own.

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  • Posted to Sketch Runner, in reply to Manny Larios , Apr 22, 2016

    Ditto. Really excited about this, however!

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  • Posted to Critique our Landing Page, Mar 09, 2016

    If I'm assuming correctly, the main goal of this page is to convert users by getting them to submit their email address.

    You've done a great job of putting your CTA front and center in the hero and reinforcing it again at the bottom of the page to help achieve this goal

    My biggest criticism is that your input field "Enter Email Address" doesn't look like an actual input field. It looks like a ghost button.

    Also, I'd explore focusing the email field on load. We've seen lifts from this in the past.

    Take a look at some of the 2016 Candidates websites for how they're capturing emails. You'll notice how much obvious their input fields are.

    Lastly, you should never have just one landing page. Test multiple variations until you find the highest converting page. (See and reload it a few times)

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  • Posted to Designers shouldn’t code. They should study business., in reply to Jake Lazaroff , Feb 14, 2016

    Right on. Why phrase it as if they're mutually exclusive?

    Everyday I collaborate with data scientists, analysts, and researchers that help me understand the business impact and ramifications of my designs ... And I build hi-fi prototypes through code.

    Use whatever cross-disciplinary learnings that help you achieve your best designs.

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