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  • Posted to Why I think designers shouldn’t code, Oct 09, 2015


    I look forward to the day a downvote option is finally added to DN so this kind of story doesn't somehow make it to "Top Stories."

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  • Posted to DN 2.0 Status Report: Markdown Preview, Pixel Picker, and More, Jul 29, 2015
    • Markdown preview - double check your finely crafted post/comment before you submit it for all the world to see
    • Removed the link disguising - know exactly where you’re headed!

    Yes! Probably my most wanted updates to the site since joining.

    Some feedback re: the RSS feed:

    • URLs in the come over as plain text. Ideally they'd be links.
    • Link-only posts (the majority of stuff posted) take me directly to whatever site. A link to the comments on here in the would be sweet.
    • The feed now shows top stories which is great (could've sworn it was recent stories before?). Would be nice to be able to pass in a param to subscribe to other stuff (something like: ?format=rss&show=[top|new|discussions])

    Really great updates to the site and I'm excited to see whatever else you guys have in store. Keep up the great work!

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  • Posted to Say hello to the new Logitech logo, Jul 08, 2015

    logitech logo

    Can't unsee that from the new logo.

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  • Posted to Show HN: More Inbox by Gmail Invites, Jan 22, 2015


    Unacceptable content

    "Who wants an invite to..." threads

    Via the About DN page.

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  • Posted to Bjango Actions 3.0, Sep 11, 2014

    Fantastic as usual. Can't thank you enough for this, Marc.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Why DN RSS feed doesn't have a link to DN story?, Sep 06, 2014

    I had suggested adding a link to comments months ago but it never happened unfortunately.

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  • Posted to Site Design: Sports Illustrated Redesign, Jun 24, 2014

    Getting a redirect loop error on Chrome and Safari.

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  • Posted to Makr - Tools to make professional-grade printed cards, Jun 11, 2014

    So I can get custom business cards printed at Makr that I can put in my Makr wallet? Neat!

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  • Posted to Screenshots of OS X 10.10 UI, in reply to Abdel Ibrahim , Jun 02, 2014

    Also: his logo is up in the top right corner of this image. Said so himself.

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