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  • Posted to I'm using Design Thinking to get an internship: I need your quick feedback, Oct 08, 2017

    I am sorry 1

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  • Posted to Framer vs Principle vs Flinto (vs Origami?) - What are your use cases?, in reply to Arturo Rios Gutierrez , Sep 02, 2017

    By the way, Origami can use AE animation with custom properties which you may change right inside Origami

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  • Posted to My new Portfolio, Jun 06, 2017

    Such neat.

    Sleek work.

    Nice shot.

    Oh, come on! What is wrong with you people?

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  • Posted to I want to use Framer, in reply to Alex Hoffman , May 09, 2017

    A common misunderstanding about Origami it that unlike Framer it allow you build a complex prototype without coding. When people say "coding" they mean programming. But miracles do not happen. To use Origami you have to know about the same programming rules that need for Framer: variables, conditions, loops, recursion etc. Every man which I know who has tried to use Origami but hasn't wanted to learn these basic programming principles left it after couple week.

    I love Origami and use it a lot. But you have to love programming anyway.

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  • Posted to John Maeda: If You Want to Survive in Design, You Better Learn to Code, Mar 16, 2017

    Two points.

    The writing a code is just a tool. It is very useful no doubt. But it useful like many other tools: 3d-modeling, creating motions effects, painting etc. In one design work, one of this tool may be essential but in another, it may be optional.

    If you can use some specific framework for designers, like framer.js, it doesn`t mean you know how programming. It means you know framer.js and it is all. Writing the code, art of programming is more than that. It is something you have to dedicate a significant amount of time.

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  • Posted to New Dropbox homepage, Feb 01, 2017

    It seems to me the "learn more" link is a bad solution. You need to point the cursor to the link and click if you want see some additional information. Well I think most people just wil not see that information.

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  • Posted to Show DN: Etude: Mercatus - A mcommerce ui kit of 120+ screens built for Sketch, May 20, 2016

    I also don't understand how the UI templates can help someone solve design problem. It might work in the world where style and aesthetics does not depend on internal logic.

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