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  • Posted to This latest update makes using Framer X a whole lot better, in reply to louie solomon , Jan 30, 2019

    Hi Louie, even though you mentioned you're not looking for a trial extension we're always up for resetting it so you get the chance to reevaluate. Unfortunately we can't offer an unlimited free trial at this point but we're looking into ways of improving this experience.

    If you want to evaluate how Framer works for your team shoot an email to sales@framer.com, we're happy see what we can do and possibly let your entire team take it for a spin.

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  • Posted to This latest update makes using Framer X a whole lot better, Jan 29, 2019

    We’ve vastly improved Framer X, specifically for every day visual design work. Performance issues are a thing of the past, zooming is now smooth, graphics scaling is better, and exports are more precise.

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  • Posted to Design powerful interactions with Framer X’s newest interactive tool, Oct 24, 2018

    Hey designers! We’re excited to announce that we just added a powerful new interactive tool to the latest version of Framer X: the Page tool. The Page tool is our most flexible interactive tool to date, which means the high-fidelity prototyping possibilities are endless—add 3D transitions, velocity-based snapping, and more. Read all about it and then get the latest version of Framer X to take it for a spin.

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  • Posted to Just Launched: Framer X, the world’s most advanced tool for interactive design, Sep 18, 2018

    Hey, designers! The wait is officially over! Now you can get your hands on Framer X. Get ready to make everyday interactions in seconds, design interactive components right from the canvas, install components from the world’s first in-app design store, and so much more.

    To celebrate the launch of Framer X, we’re offering 25% off annual subscriptions for the next three days. You can also tweet with the hashtag #GetFramerX for a chance to win a subscription.

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  • Posted to Advanced prototyping is now within reach, thanks to Framer X, Aug 15, 2018

    Hey everyone, we’re continuing to roll out more Framer X Beta invites this week. In the meantime, we just launched a new page (and video!) detailing everything you need to know about our brand new selection of interactive tools. Check out just how easy it is to link screens, scroll content, and create flawless page transitions in Framer X

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  • Posted to Framer X — Drawing Features, Aug 08, 2018

    Check out our new Drawing page to learn all about the advanced vector editing features in Framer X. Draw everything from logos, icons to detailed illustrations. Ready to share? Export anything from your canvas with production-ready CSS and SVG code. Learn more — http://bit.ly/2vV0e1B

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  • Posted to Parallax component for Framer X, Aug 03, 2018

    Really cool Linton, thanks for sharing! Can't wait to see what else you'll build.

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  • Posted to Create next-level layouts with Framer X, Aug 01, 2018

    Hey, designers! We’re excited to let you know that our Beta rollout officially starts today! We’ll be sending invites out in batches so please be patient if you don’t receive yours right away.

    In the meantime, check out our new Layout page to learn all about powerful features like adaptive layouts, automatic nesting, and flexible stacks. With Framer X, UI design never felt so simple. Learn more — https://bit.ly/2KcIzqU

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  • Posted to Get Framer Syntax theme for free, inspired by our popular code editor, Apr 19, 2018

    Hey everyone!

    Say hello to Framer Syntax, a beautifully minimalist dark theme for Atom and VSCode. It contains all the color, clarity and characteristics you know and love about our popular code editor. From specific selection highlighting to custom widget styling, Syntax offers all the structure you need to build amazing products for the Web.

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  • Posted to iOS 11 iPhone GUI — Origami, Sketch, Framer, and Photoshop templates of GUI elements found in the public release of iOS 11., Feb 28, 2018

    Great resource

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