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  • Posted to I'm 18 and need help branding myself., in reply to Devin Halladay , Jul 11, 2015

    Just registered to say this helped me a lot! Yes, I was doing the mistake of revealing my age, and your article stopped me from doing that! I'm 18 as well. By the way, I don't have a portfolio right now. I've worked in a start-up (actually it's bad start-up organized by people with money who don't know the project management) and they forced me to make websites within 5 days or a week. I knew it wasn't a good timing to develop the quality prioritized websites but they bragged me into doing them, which results the quality of the website to be very bad (very very bad). I quit from them. As I'm not even satisfied with the websites I've made, I created my own website which includes a warming header, my brief bio, my design approach, my skills and my contact information. Is that enough based on your experience? Or what shall I do to increase the demand of a client wanting to hire me?

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