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  • Posted to Ask DN: (How) do you use FullStory?, Sep 02, 2016

    I haven't used Fullstory (it's quite expensive) but I have used Hotjar in two projects. I'm assuming it's comparable and that Fullstory is just better executed.

    In the two projects I used Hotjar it has been an extremely valuable tool – especially in the beginning of the projects. After weeks of design and development (without enough testing), the first beta user interactions are worth so much to see recorded.

    The downside is that it goes down to getting a big cup of coffee, watching recording after recording and writing down everything you notice. I, therefore, wouldn't use the recordings as a tool to track thousands of users. In that stage conversion funnels, heat maps and face to face user testing might be more useful.

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  • Posted to Buttons shouldn't have a hand cursor, in reply to Terry O , Jul 17, 2016

    Yep, this time it's me, because no one else did it yet. Do you prefer that this whole community likes to bash on each others opinion?

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  • Posted to Buttons shouldn't have a hand cursor, Jul 15, 2016

    And there we go again on DesignerNews. Someone writes an article with a different point of view than most of the 'community' and he gets shit from 75%.

    I'm glad some of the people here were able to type a reasonable comment, discussing what points Adam made or explaining why they think he's not right.

    For the others, they who question Adam's job title, ask him if he actually has a job or post 'funny' gifs, I hope you see that you're not bringing any value in to a reasonable discussion about something related to our field.

    Responses like these occur way too often here in my opinion. And to be honest, a few more of these and I'm out of here.

    PS: Adam, I enjoyed your article and see your point. I actually never realised buttons on native systems didn't have hand cursors. Although I'm not sure what would be best on the UX side of things, I think it's a legit question to ask.

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  • Posted to Sending Invoices Through Email, in reply to Ghilia Weldesselasie , Jul 03, 2016

    Most of it.

    • You're using a free service for your website.
    • You're using a gmail address instead of a proper custom domain e-mail.
    • On your 'agency' website (which uses the same free service) you use this MVP as a reference to show people what you can do.
    • There's no explanation on the Fettybot website about how this works
    • There's no example invoice to see what the client would receive
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  • Posted to Google Fonts, in reply to Yitong Zhang , Jun 14, 2016

    I agree with Tim – your wireframe offers more options on comparing fonts and would definitely be relevant. You should only realise that Google might eventually push certain updates through, as they apparently seem to keep improving and / or changing their current version.

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  • Posted to PluginMate - Useful & time-saving tools for designers, in reply to Paweł Magiera , May 22, 2016

    You're welcome. What is your choice for making Photoshop plugins while so many people use Sketch nowadays?

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  • Posted to PluginMate - Useful & time-saving tools for designers, May 21, 2016

    Is this yours? 'Useful' is spelled with one l, you might want to correct your hero title.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: What books have you purchased/read recently?, May 21, 2016

    I'm reading both Hooked and The Obstacle is the Way at the moment. Oh and I'm also listening to David and Goliath. I would recommend all three of these actually.

    Two books I read recently and would recommend are Ishmael and The Alchemist. They are not about design but more philosophical. Especially Ishmael made me think a lot about how we perceive the world.

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  • Posted to Sketch 3.8, May 19, 2016

    Is it safe?

    Edit: Seems to be safe (for me). Any ideas on how to scroll with the new Sketch Mirror in the browser? I can only zoom in/out.

    Edit2: Sketch Mirror also uses an excessive amount of CPU on my rMBP.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Where do you host your portfolios? , May 16, 2016

    Although my own portfolio is still hosted on some cheap service and accessed through FTP (hehe), I started using GitLab a few weeks ago and they have a similar service as GitHub Pages, surprisingly enough called GitLab Pages.

    I'm hosting one site on it now and it works great. The interface is much more organised and visually more designed than GitHub. GitLab also has free unlimited private repositories.

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