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  • Posted to Dribbble redesigns its shot view?, in reply to Rob Hewitt , Aug 23, 2018

    Agree that it was definitely overwhelming and drew a lot of attention. Happy to see them fix it so quickly.

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  • Posted to Dribbble redesigns its shot view?, Aug 22, 2018

    A much needed improvement. Aside from the support for higher res images, I also like the attention they have given to the "Save" (buckets) and even "Like" actions, might actually use Buckets more now. I also appreciate the new "Share on Pinterest" button. I collect design work on Pinterest, so this is a great improvement for mine and likely many other peoples' workflows.

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  • Posted to SimSim Falafel, in reply to John Gomez , Apr 09, 2018

    Same, took me a solid few minutes looking at the page before I discovered I could scroll.

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  • Posted to Sketch Copy and Paste, now in Framer, Mar 09, 2018

    Amazing work once again! So glad to see features like this roll-out! I would love some renewed focus on the Prototyping side of Framer, it by far the best tool for prototyping

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  • Posted to Sketch adds prototyping in version 49, in reply to Rob Musser , Mar 01, 2018

    Hopefully, I couldn't share my work file, so glad someone was able to share and reproduce for them!

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  • Posted to Sketch adds prototyping in version 49, in reply to Rob Musser , Mar 01, 2018

    I'm having the same issue, only one of my symbols is having this issue... and every time I reset it from Master it works until I close and reopen the file...

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  • Posted to Dribbble removes ability to filter all shots by 'Recent' on main navigation, Feb 27, 2018

    Users have been complaining about how difficult it is to discover new and interesting content and designers... clearly those complaints are not being heard.

    I love dribbble, but this move is so obviously not what the community has been asking for. Everyday the popular page is spammed with the same users and content. Hiding filters or making them less discoverable is a move in the wrong direction.

    I'd love to hear the thinking behind this from the team.

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  • Posted to Photoshop for designers who don't use Photoshop, Dec 22, 2017

    Wow, this really shows how far the industry has come. I was totally one of these designers, started with Sketch and had to learn Photoshop. Pablo you're a saint! Thanks for this series, will definitely be going through these!

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  • Posted to Apple releases new identity for Apple Music, Nov 07, 2017

    Love this marketing material, but the app does not convey this branding at all in my mind

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  • Posted to Fake designs yield real results, in reply to Sven Loskill , Nov 06, 2017

    Agree, sometimes these types of projects have a "holier than though" ton of voice rather than a more humble one. And I agree, the word "fake" is just primed to be negative. Practice sounds a lot better.

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