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  • Posted to This is not food photography, in reply to Greg Beck , Jul 02, 2015

    Hi! I'm the designer who made these series.

    First, thanks for the comment. I know that some items might be "too rendered." As much as I want to approximate those nuisance, I have to admit that it's too hard. So instead of me labouring through those details, I decided to go on a more macro view of the work.

    But hey! I'll take that comment to improve the series as I go along!

    As per using photography, the list of ingredients I'm planning to work on may not be available in the Philippines. Doing a shoot, editing them, styling them (considering I'm not a food styling) won't be cost-effective for me to finish the series the way I intended to be. So the best way to handle those logistic issues, I decided to stay on my comfort zone and actually work on it that way.

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