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  • Posted to Plant - Version Control for Designers Officially launched, Nov 14, 2017

    I'm a somewhat satisfied paying user of Abstract (somewhat = it does what I need but I also have big expectations for groundbreaking features in the future).

    Can anyone who's experienced both product speak about the pros and cons of each?

    Specifically, I think Abstract's branch support and "immutable" master branch is a great feature. Plant doesn't seem to have this. Is that true?

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  • Posted to Why so serious, DN?, Aug 17, 2017

    I reported the post as "I don't think this should be on DN" when I first saw it. That's not why it got deleted, but I'm surprised to see not many people feel the same as me.

    While I realise that if this is what the majority of the community wants/likes then we should go for it, I personally feel this kind of content is not at home on DN.

    When I first saw the post, I clicked on it without looking at the URL thinking that, based on the title, it might be some speculation/leak post regarding upcoming Apple products. I felt very annoyed when I found out it was just a meme.

    I personally come here to find out about new products (as long as tangentially related to design, which is why Apple falls under that definition for me), read insightful articles (ones you might actually learn from, not the usual "Should Designers Code" type of thing) and even look at the occasional portfolio redesign.

    I don't think we benefit as a community turning this news site into a meme board. It dilutes the quality of the rest of the content, and sets a precedent and a standard for what other people can expect to see and post. In the long term, it may drive down the quality of the content found here (which I honestly think is already not at a high point).

    I'm not going to go activist over a meme, but I thought it'd be worth voicing my opinion on how I feel about DN.

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  • Posted to Nearly Invisible Case for Your New iPhone 6S, Sep 28, 2015

    If anyone here bought it: how does it compare with the Apple silicone case? Is it sturdy or soft? How does it feel to hold (is it slippery)?

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  • Posted to Sketch 3.3.3 is now out with minor improvements., Jul 23, 2015

    Are the scrolling/zooming issues on the pipeline to be resolved? I refer specifically to zooming in and getting the wrong image (it's a snapshot of the previous zoom level) and having to wait a few seconds for it to actually unblock.

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  • Posted to Deepdreamer for Mac by Realmac, Jul 22, 2015

    Although there's nice shiny wrapping paper around, I still think selling it like that feels like a low movie.

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  • Posted to OSX El Capitan Public Beta runs well, Jul 10, 2015

    If you use Photoshop CC 2015, stay the heck away from El Capitan for now. Most of the measurement tools are broken and there's general breakage all over.

    Illustrator is also entirely broken.

    To those who have updated: the CC 2014 versions of both programs work perfectly. Go figure.

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  • Posted to Fixing Adobe Photoshop on OS X El Capitan, in reply to Jason Fuller , Jul 08, 2015

    That's surely something I should've considered better before doing it. Next time I won't be so enthusiastic to try out beta software :)

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  • Posted to The 2048 guys stole my iPhone game, in reply to Sacha Greif , Apr 29, 2015

    Yes, that's what happened in a nutshell. When I created 2048, I wasn't quick enough to predict its potential success, and had no experience to create a mobile version. Ketchapp just took the chance and built their own version before I could get something out.

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  • Posted to The 2048 guys stole my iPhone game, Apr 29, 2015

    Just a small comment: I made 2048, not Ketchapp ;)

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Interest in open-source LayerVault-inspired software for designers?, in reply to Dominik Schmidt , Apr 19, 2015

    Yes, I'm getting started on the public site which is already open-source here:

    My idea is to lay down the public site and the project plan before any actual work begins, so there can be something to stand for the project before the real thing exists.

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