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  • Posted to Icebergs to Octobox. I feel like I am being evicted from all these apps!, Aug 05, 2015

    I feel you. I've stopped using the smaller startup apps now coz they all get shutdown or get bought eventually. I've been using Ember for the last few years but not a big fan. Dropmark, Raindrop, etc. all look great but I'm not going to move all my stuff and then get ditched again.

    I've been considering building an open source self-hosted version or maybe even building it on top of wordpress (instead of starting from scratch) due to simplicity of installation and it having all the necessary parts built inside it.

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  • Posted to Amazing new landing for Pixate, in reply to Paul @Stammy , May 21, 2015

    Same for me in Safari. The header didn't load for like few seconds and the scrolling was a little janky too.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: What job perks appeal to you? , May 04, 2015
    • Like most people here, a good salary is crucial. I want to be paid what I'm worth.

    • Flexibility in terms of office hours and working from home.

    • Free lunch would be nice. I hate having to think about what to cook, having all ingredients, and then having the time to cook it. Especially since I try to eat healthy.

    • Anything else like free transit/gym/conference passes would be cherry on top. (I didn't put down on health insurance because I feel like that shouldn't be even up for discussion. Not working for a company without it.)

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  • Posted to iPhone Killer: The Secret History of the Apple Watch, in reply to Jim Nielsen , Apr 03, 2015

    The "problem" to fix is not a technology problem though but rather a social problem. Apple can't stop people from checking their phone all the time. The watch is - imo - a workaround - not the most ideal one but from a tech standpoint, this is prob the best they can do - short of freezing your iPhone if you use it too much. It also fits nicely with Apple's business of selling more devices.

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  • Posted to Napkin Sketch for iPhone, Mar 20, 2015

    Pretty cool app to do some mockups on the go. Here's the website =>

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  • Posted to Rdio, Spotify, or Other?, Mar 14, 2015

    I've used Rdio and Spotify, but I'm currently paying for Google Play Music - which I'm not that into either. Here's some thoughts:

    Rdio - Good, clean, and simple UI. However the radio feature that I use to discover new songs were really bad.

    Spotify - Also love the visual design of Spotify but it's too confusing. It does too much and I had hard time getting comfortable with it. The thing I loved the most is their radio stations were good and if I gave feedback on songs (thumb up/down) it immediately altered the queue to cater to the feedback.

    Google Play Music - Good recommendations and simple UI. Doesn't feel like a music app though - compared to Spotify and Rdio. When you use those two, you can tell you're using something related to music and it helps set the mood. The Google app while looks good feels like a regular app playing music. Their recommendations were great but the queue didn't change right away (like spotify) based on my feedback.

    I really wanted to try Beats Music and iTunes Radio but since they've not come out in Canada yet and going to be prob merged soon, I'm excited to see the outcome.

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  • Posted to New Apple MacBook Product Page, Mar 09, 2015

    Man that space grey...Will def be getting the next year's model.

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  • Posted to Favorite Podcasts?, Feb 24, 2015

    Current Favourites:

    • Accidental Tech Podcast
    • The Talk Show
    • StartUp
    • Serial (waiting on season 2)
    • Iterate
    • Exponent
    • Design Details
    • TED Radio Hour
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  • Posted to Favourite Design Books?, Feb 24, 2015

    From the ones I've read, the one I loved the most was "The Shape of Design" by Frank Chimero.

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  • Posted to Neptune Smart Watch, Feb 18, 2015

    I think in the current state of chip and battery technology, this prob won't work out that well. If the watch is the "main" hub with GPS and primary way to power and interact with everything, I have doubts about battery life. Not to mention the usability nightmare of running full on apps on the flexible tiny screen.

    I do believe that eventually in the future, the watch will be the primary personal computing device - like the phone is now - and every other devices will pull in info from there. We just need the battery tech and interface design (we need few years to get used to designing + building software for tiny screens) to reach there.

    This band/watch is a little ahead of its time and successful products are about the right timing as much as being a product itself.

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