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Tucker Spofford

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  • Posted to City of Everett logo contest results, in reply to Eric Croskey , Oct 24, 2014


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  • Posted to 70% of People Worldwide Pronounce 'GIF' With a Hard 'G', Oct 21, 2014

    It stands for Graphics Interface Format... Graphics has a hard G.

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  • Posted to Xcode For Designers - learn how to make your own swift apps!, in reply to Chris Slowik , Oct 02, 2014

    I signed up early, but I can't seem to figure out how to apply the discount. In the email I received yesterday it doesn't say how to actually apply the 60% off.

    EDIT: I guess you don't get the code until noon PST. My bad.

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  • Posted to Adobe joins the Chromebook party, starting with Photoshop, in reply to Andy Lee , Sep 29, 2014

    From the FAQ on the Photoshop Streaming Page:

    How is Project Photoshop Streaming different from the standard Creative Cloud Photoshop downloaded from the Creative Cloud website?

    Project Photoshop Streaming is identical to the Photoshop you’d install locally with a few notable exceptions. This build can be accessed from any Chrome browser (Windows only) or Chromebook and does not require a full download and install. In other words, this is the same build of Photoshop you’d typically download and install from Creative Cloud, however, instead of being installed on your local machine, it is running in a virtualized environment so can be accessed from any Chrome browser or Chromebook. Because this version of Photoshop is running in a virtualized environment, you open, save, export and recover files from/to your Google Drive rather than your local file share. Also this Beta version of the virtualized environment does not have support for GPU consequently GPU dependent features are not yet available (coming soon). This build also does not yet support for print.

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  • Posted to MIUI 6 vs iOS 7, in reply to Christina Warren , Aug 20, 2014

    I think his point is that it's still not "Pixel for pixel". It's clearly inspired by, to the point of knocking-off, but they didn't copy or reuse artwork directly.

    I agree it's not a great strategy for making yourself into a global, trusted brand, but hey, it worked for Samsung.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: What headphones do you use?, Jul 24, 2014

    I'm like Mr. Rogers, I have a set of walking phones and a set of working phones, and I change them out when I get to my desk in the morning.

    Walking: Harmon Kardon BT

    PROS - Wireless so every-time I use them it's like the future - Have AAC, APT-x so they actually sound good wireless - Super comfy for 1-2 hours - Highly durable so far - Easy to recharge and work with a wired cable when the battery is drained

    CONS - Not really all day comfortable - Heavyish - Have a delay with iPad Mini for some reason so you have to plug them in to watch video, not a problem with the Mac - Annoying to transfer from device to device

    Working: AKG K701

    PROS - Most comfortable headphone ever made - Lightweight and breath so they are okay on hot days - Amazing Sound! - Can wear in the office and still hear when someone calls my name

    CONS - Cable needs an adapter for 3.5mm - Too Delicate and large for portable use - Vented, so they will annoy others if you crank the volume to 11, and they don't block environmental noise.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: What Camera do you use for Photography?, in reply to Dan Sim , Jul 18, 2014

    The A7 is also a wonderful camera, a little cheaper and with the ability to change lenses.

    I'm personally rolling the A7R and Sony is absolutely killing it with image quality right now. It's hard to find a better looking image than what you can get out of the A7R with Sony's 55mm Zeiss.

    Also all camera user interfaces suck, so be prepared to spend some time actually reading the manual to figure out how to use it. Why this industry is so out of touch with consumer expectations completely amazes me.

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  • Posted to Show your Bag/Backpack, Apr 28, 2014

    I've been using a Chrome Niko bag. I love being able to carry my camera gear and macbook pro around and still have enough reserve space for headphones, iPad, and whatever else on top.



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  • Posted to 'Bokeh' in the new Google Camera app, Apr 16, 2014

    This is pretty interesting, but it's not really a Lytro killer. Lytro uses micro-lenses on the sensor to capture all images simultaneously.

    The Google system works like existing iPhone apps and captures multiple images in sequence. Which means that if your scene or subjects are moving the results won't be great.

    Lytro should also be technically faster, because it doesn't need to do image recognition to build the depth map as it is created intrinsically, they just pull the right pixels from the right micro-images.

    I'm glad they are continuing to improve their camera app though.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: What video games have the best UI?, Mar 14, 2014

    It's super simple, but I love the UX in Stalagflight. The menu has a nice weighted feel when it slides into view.

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