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  • Posted to Abstract App performance issues, Nov 06, 2017

    We're in the same boat re: performance and reliability.

    Our team has several repo/projects. Each can have a size of less than 100mb to a whopping 8GB. Few things we can observe on:

    • The app struggles sometimes to handle its background tasks. You can see it in the Developer menu.
    • It's normal to take CPU to 300-400% when using abstract – be prepared to hear your fans.
    • Most of the time I have to restart my machine when Sketch gets incredibly slow happens every time when hitting save even when abstract app is closed.
    • When syncing large projects, I manually move around the folders from the repo folder from another fully synced machine. Apparently this trick no longer works – the recent version as of 0.62.4 ( will display phantom "changes" you can't discard.
    • Support just confirmed the don't have servers yet in the Far East so syncing our main repo (8GB) frequently fails. Waiting 2 HRS to sync a project is painful. We have a 1GB Fiber Connection and download ranges from 200 kbps - 2mbps tops. Problem is the background task to clone timed out. I hope there's an option to disable this.

    For the record, I love Abstract. It tremendously helped our team in the past few months. It's super fun when everything is smooth and running but super scary whenever there are issues.

    I hope they add the ability to export files via the web.


    As of 18 Jan 2018

    Their data centers are still in the US. Cloning a project here in Singapore is still a pain in the ass (200-600kb/s). Our main project is around 10G and this resulted again in multiple sync timeouts.

    Apparently moving files locally still works as long as you keep an up to date backup. Make sure you zip the project files in Application Support/Abstract/repos as it contains hidden git files.

    TLDR hold-on to your local backups!

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  • Posted to Zeplin vs Sympli vs Avocode, Mar 21, 2017

    I think my gripe with Zeplin is the pricing. We maxed out the 12-project cap just because our team want to segregate logical screens into each "project".

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  • Posted to The new Wake, in reply to Chris Kalani , Feb 23, 2017


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  • Posted to The new Wake, Feb 23, 2017

    From what I remember Wake seems to be the commercial version of Facebook's own Pixel Cloud:

    @chris-kalani can probably verify this.

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  • Posted to Show DN: New Portfolio, Jun 24, 2015

    Maybe I missed the scroll jacking thing :) Fantastic work, I love reading the thoughts behind the design!

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  • Posted to Text Editors in The Lord of the Rings, Dec 19, 2014

    Minas Tirith is well and alive.

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  • Posted to What are you using for your bookmarks these days?, Dec 10, 2014

    After ma.gnolia and delicious I'm all in to Pinboard.

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  • Posted to Anyone seen a colour palette sketch plugin?, Dec 08, 2014

    Looking for one too. Currently syncing my palette between office and home is rather cumbersome.

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  • Posted to Your experience with the 5k iMac?, in reply to Namor Votilav , Dec 05, 2014

    ugh, I meant 2010 :) I must be dreaming!

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  • Posted to Your experience with the 5k iMac?, in reply to Erik Beeson , Dec 05, 2014

    From a maxed out MBP 2010 (not 2015 :|) owner. I'm tempted to take the jump...

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