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Product Designer. Passionate about building tools that empower humans. Prev: @Mailchimp, @HomeDepot. Joined over 8 years ago

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  • Posted to Ask DN: It's Saturday! What fun side projects are you working on?, Sep 04, 2016

    Still secret right now but working a website, brand and whole new user experience for a food / retail product my parents are spinning up. New and challenging stuff.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Advantages of different prototyping applications?, in reply to Rory Smyth , Feb 17, 2016

    Can you have more than one scrolling state in Principle? I tried having one group scroll horizontally and another one scroll vertically in the same artboard. Only the vertical scrolling group worked.

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  • Posted to Ask Dn: What tool do you use for flowcharts? , Oct 08, 2015

    Me and a co-designer currently use Lucidchart.

    I guess it depends on what you're looking for.

    Only limitation is the amount of object you can include in a chart at a time for free. I pay the $6 for unlimited objects.

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  • Posted to iA Writer 3.0, Sep 11, 2015

    Does anyone know who worked on 3.0? I can't find hints of the design team anywhere.

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  • Posted to New Twitter Blue, in reply to Joshua Newton , Aug 26, 2015

    I totally agree way less prominent and I'm digging it.

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  • Posted to Front-end Developers: In general, do you prefer to avoid using third-party plugins and instead write your own code?, Aug 13, 2015

    All depends on the reasoning for the plugin and on the project situation.

    If you're only using jQuery for DOM selection I would build that functionality myself or simply use JS selectors. But If you want 2 way data binding and a ton of other client side features I would go with a framework.

    Again, all situational. There will always be tradeoffs with performance, learning curve, the time It would take to implement this plugin vs building it, etc.

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  • Posted to Anyone doing design work on just a MacBook Pro 13"?, in reply to James Morris , Jul 29, 2015

    That's actually pretty interesting. If you already have an iPad Air 2 you're set if that would be enough screen space between your 13" Macbook Air and your iPad Air 2. But If It wouldn't be enough you could still get a decent sized 4K monitor for the iPad Air 2's entry model price point at ($499). There's always going to be trade offs but that isn't a bad option.

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  • Posted to Anyone doing design work on just a MacBook Pro 13"?, Jul 29, 2015

    I use a 15" Macbook Pro and for certain scenarios the screen size isn't enough. In sketch I can get away with hiding certain sections of tools at times but It's not always comfortable not being able to see the big picture I'm designing. Another issue I have is if you happen to be coding and referencing your design on the same screen as you build that's definitely not enough screen space. I'm contemplating getting a cheap external monitor since I can't justify dropping $1000 on an outdated Apple TB.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: What mobile prototyping tools do you use regularly and why?, in reply to Dima B , Jul 24, 2015

    Sorry I meant bulk asset importation. I know they support uploading them one at a time with Pixate but I don't think you can just bulk upload or sync assets from whole Sketch or PS files.

    Regardless thank you Dima hope it helps someone out!

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