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  • Posted to New Era For Designers? Why Designers Should Stop Relying on Developers, Jul 17, 2016

    I like it, but I don't think this is the target group for this product.

    I also think the headline promises more than it can deliver, because I know I rely on developers for programming and back-end work that makes the site useful, not front-end animations and converting designs to CSS.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: How do Sketch and Adobe CS perform on macOS Sierra Beta?, Jul 09, 2016

    All are slower and crash more. Photoshop will crash on Export/Save for Web 75% of the time.

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  • Posted to What is up with Eli Schiff?, in reply to Eli Schiff , Jun 12, 2016

    This is where Clippy would say "It looks like you're taking academic and feminist language to justify being a dick."

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  • Posted to Men of DesignerNews, in reply to Dana (dmxt) , Apr 07, 2016

    We're bashing sexist men, which is one of the most toxic elements of the web design profession and community.

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  • Posted to Men of DesignerNews, in reply to Mike Batista , Apr 07, 2016

    The point of the "men" in the title is to highlight how men are the type of person to leave such shitty comments, not to imply that all men are the same, which is obvious to anyone who's ever once seen two men disagree on something in their entire life.

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  • Posted to Men of DesignerNews, Apr 07, 2016

    I looooooove this. Thank you!

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  • Posted to Meet Voat - People are calling it the Reddit-Killer, in reply to Daniel Fosco , Jul 11, 2015

    Yeah, Voat is where the newly banned subreddits are popping up again. It's a disgusting place.

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