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  • Posted to designsupply.fyi — a feed of new, good design., in reply to Gideon Chiaet , Jan 28, 2017

    Good call - thanks Gideon!

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  • Posted to What does your design portfolio look like?, in reply to John P , Nov 17, 2016

    I can't tell if this is satire :/

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  • Posted to Site Design: Good Finds — A Curation of Super Chill Places to Escape from the City, in reply to Brian Hinton , Jul 07, 2016

    yeah obviously the format people decide to take their breaks in is a very subjective one. As someone that lives in new york city there is a huge difference between spending the weekend in a manhattan neighbourhood to spending one in a rural area. Lots of people do indeed like camping. This site would not be aimed at them. Sounds like you might be one of those people. Glad you like the design though. It was a fun side project I threw together in a week or so when a client project got delayed.

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  • Posted to Site Design: Good Finds — A Curation of Super Chill Places to Escape from the City, in reply to Brian Hinton , Jul 07, 2016

    lol. why does there have to be a tent for it to be chill? A roof isn't chill?

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  • Posted to Show DN: Portfolio design using Times New Roman, Dec 20, 2015

    Some feedback: — Copy writing needs work - it reads as an awkward mix of statement-like notes, and flowing prose within the paragraphs. Choose a style and stick to it.

    — I love the navigation bar, it's brilliant. (although is the plus meant to rotate fully so it's an X? - at the moment it's off-kilter)

    — Having the 'Large' bots project first is very confusing. Think about the flow of the projects as a narrative, think about it through the lens of a first time visitor that knows nothing about you. And also imagine that people are skimming the copy on your website, because they are. The visuals you display look complex and overwhelming, and do not provide a concise visual snapshot of what you do. Which is the purpose your first project needs to serve. I understand it's a complex concept to successfully communicate visually, but I think you need to find a different approach, or not have it as the first project people see when they scroll.

    — very confused what the 'office manager tech stack' thing was.

    — The display of screenshots mostly in grids feels very flat. There’s also no real visual rhythm to any of it, and that's an issue for a page that long. The grids of thumbnails make it very un-inviting, and visually very fatiguing. With a long scroll page like this you just have to work harder to present the work otherwise people will get bored/lost very quickly. While I know a designer designing their own portfolio is immensely hard, if potential clients/employers struggle as much as I did to digest your work, that will tell them all they need to know about you as a designer I’m afraid.Some of your actual work doesn't look that bad, but you're doing it a disservice presenting it this way.

    — A lot of the text sits far too close to the thumbnails, creates a very awkward tension, and not in a good way. Just needs more finesse.

    — Break the ‘Contact Me’ out visually from the projects, it’s a totally different thing, it shouldn’t look the same. If someone does see something they like, and then struggle to find a way to contact you, it’ll rightly be a massive red flag for them.

    — Respect the click-bait headline with Times New Roman. :) Don't hate the font, feels kind of purposefully naive which I think you were going for

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  • Posted to Airbnb’s logo found in decades-old trademark book, Sep 08, 2015

    everything's been done before.

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  • Posted to Instagram now supports landscape and portrait modes., in reply to Joshua Newton , Aug 27, 2015

    hasn't it always been?

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  • Posted to Show DN: Trying to land my first full-time design job. Critique my new portfolio, in reply to Jacob Taylor , Aug 10, 2015

    I get pissed when an email client opens and it's not been clear it was going to do that, and I'm no-one's mom.

    Also, my mom is not the lowest common denominator.

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  • Posted to Steve Jobs - Official Trailer, Jul 02, 2015

    It's by Danny fucking Boyle. The guy made Trainspotting for god sake - It has to be worth a watch.

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  • Posted to Ello says Goodbye to UX, Jun 22, 2015

    'looking for a full-time job'

    So yeah, this isn't the way to get one.

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