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Malik Khan

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  • Posted to Tips on Recruiting Visually Impaired Users for Usability Test, Mar 14, 2017

    Hi there,

    We recently contracted a third party agency to run tests on our site to see how accessible it was.

    Perhaps there is some sort of company near you that offers help.

    This is the one we used:

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  • Posted to Hinge, Oct 11, 2016

    Met my wife on this app :)

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  • Posted to Lumi Custom Corrugated Boxes, Mar 08, 2016

    Wow this is awesome. I may have to get one of those wax seal stamps for my clothing delivery service.

    I love how you can actually visualize how your logo would look on the boxes themselves. I haven't seen this anywhere else. Great work!

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  • Posted to UX Designer making the move to the west coast, but where?, Dec 29, 2015

    I was born in Anaheim, lived 18 years in San Diego, moved to Irvine, then to Newport Beach, dated a couple girls in Los Angeles, currently live in SF and my soon to be fiancee is in Oakland.

    It's said that southern California people are vain and northern California people are judgmental.

    Out of all the places I've lived, I have enjoyed my experience in SF and Oakland the most. Newport Beach was second.

    It really depends on your personality. San Diego is definitely the most laid back location but, if you're affected by your environment, then you may end up becoming complacent. Orange County is nice but I feel like it's constantly overshadowed by Los Angeles. LA is fun but traffic sucks and the air quality is bad. San Francisco has been my favorite blend of culture, food, people, and ease of transportation.

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  • Posted to Lahore Landing – An Interactive Film About Pakistan, Jun 02, 2015

    Just saw the kickstarter trailer but the link you provided doesn't seem to work. Do you have an alternative link? I'd love to see this.

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