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  • Posted to .design top-level domain launched today!, in reply to Pascal Gärtner , May 13, 2015

    I ended up getting learnto.design, blitz.design, and sprint.design as an impulse buy. $90. Hope I didn't toss money away. There were a lot of others that were solid grabs in the $139 - $6,500 range but I couldn't convince myself to drop more than $29 on anything.

    I plan to develop them but I also have so much going on. I got a copyright notice on sprint.design but I would do a site about design sprints if I use it, so that wouldn't be an infringement AFAIK.

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  • Posted to .design top-level domain launched today!, May 13, 2015

    Thought I was onto something when I saw that "re.design" is available!! Then I saw that godaddy has it marked as premium and want $6,500... wtf.

    Oh well, my other idea is only $29.99. I'm gonna get that.. er.. wait. Someone registered it out from under me while I was checking out. I had "humancentered.design" and I stalled for a second to go check on whether I wanted to bundle "usercentered.design" as well. I guess the party is over before it started. ".design" is gone.

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