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  • Posted to InVision adding client emails to their Marketing list – alternative?, in reply to Justin Delabar , Dec 07, 2016

    I find it difficult to believe it as well, bug, or this happening at all. I'm glad this is not being ignored.

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  • Posted to InVision adding client emails to their Marketing list – alternative?, Dec 07, 2016

    So, I went ahead and read this thread fully before committing to writing. From the look of it, and from the InVision peeps replying to almost all comments, it sounds like it was a big old mistake/bug. It happens! I also agree with a comment below stating it would be cool to not totally stop using inVision because of this mess (not wrong to consider if you really feel like it tho).

    So, as far as alternative, I totally agree on https://marvelapp.com/ (used it, love it), try Adobe XD (beta :/), and try https://www.uxpin.com/examples.html. There's other stuff out there that requires a bit of a learning curve (http://principleformac.com/ and others) as well.

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  • Posted to ASK DN: Invision or UXPin?, Apr 27, 2015

    Hello. I've started using several different apps, UXPin, InVision, Blocs, Marvel, Webflow and just subscribed to Pixate to try it out as well. Some of them are extremely similar, with tiny advantages here and there. I am a fan of inVision app's Live Capture chrome extension, because it fits my needs. I screen capture my homepage, take it into Sketch, and prototype away. I export png's and drag em into InVision and start drawing click areas.

    I used UXPin recently, for a full on website experience, and it was very frustrating. Like somebody on this thread mentioned, it has some bugs that need work, but by no means prevent it from being a really cool tool. I must say, my frustration was mostly the layers palette, dragging one would move a different layer, one group of layers deleted itself, and undos would not work properly. I have lots of respect for the creators as well, have all their pdf books and read them constantly. I will keep giving feedback cause thats the only way a great product can be amazing.

    I will use Webflow for my next user testing project cause its pretty nice. I definitely like the click to edit features and how fast it is to create a very steady, bug-free website.

    But to answer the question, InVision for fast prototyping, super basic clicks. UXPin for user testing on usertesting.com or something similar, with good real transitions (can get tedious but worth it).

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