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  • Posted to Bloomberg parallax scrolling, in reply to Brendan McDonald , Sep 23, 2015

    I think the UI would benefit from reversing the parallax direction; i.e. have the sidebar be the "far" point of reference and the main content the "near" point. I totally get why you find it dizzying - the implication with their implementation is that the sidebar is closer to the foreground than the main content.

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  • Posted to Bloomberg parallax scrolling, in reply to Joe Blau , Sep 23, 2015

    very smooth on 2015 rMBP/Chrome 45.0.2454.93

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  • Posted to Youtube Introduces a Transparent Player UI, Aug 03, 2015

    The share interface is also really nice - transitions nicely and auto-pauses, then when closed, auto-resumes.

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  • Posted to Interactive Drag and Drop Coloring Concept, Apr 22, 2015

    love this! amazing tool for messing around with color palettes :) just submitted on :P

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