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  • Posted to Draggable by Shopify, Oct 08, 2017

    broken and glitchy in iOS 11 safari. style over substance...

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  • Posted to Sketch 40, in reply to Andy Merskin , Sep 26, 2016

    Why not use the symbol resizing features to keep elements in a certain position as you resize them?

    Here's an example of keeping a text layer a fixed distance from the edge as the object is resized.

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  • Posted to Intercom website about Saying No, Sep 28, 2015

    Intercom product planning meeting:

    Marketing guy: "I have this great idea, let's make a microsite all about our product management philosophy"

    Product Manager: "NO!" ... "Oh, wait"

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Successor to LayerVault?, in reply to Daniel Golden , Mar 23, 2015

    There's no version history yet, but Zeplin is possibly recording it already. Whenever you update a screen in the app it matches it to existing screens, so should be straightforward to present a version history of each screen.

    I don't use PS so that's not an issue for me.

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  • Posted to Unitools - A suite of tools for working with Unicode in the browser, Mar 22, 2015

    Why not these tools:

    1. Ugly!
    2. Accessibility nightmare
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  • Posted to Ask DN: Successor to LayerVault?, Mar 22, 2015

    We're using Zeplin. It's still pretty early and has a few rough edges, but it does a decent job of:

    • overview of the project
    • commenting (plus hotspots... I think. Didn't use layervault so not certain what this feature is)
    • ability to share a URL (it's both a native Mac app and a web app)

    It's still got a long way to go but feels like a good horse to back.

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  • Posted to Pictures Of People Scanning QR Codes, in reply to freed Caven24 , Mar 22, 2015

    what the...

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  • Posted to Google experiment with green rating stars, Feb 16, 2015

    Two ideas:

    1. The gold/yellow stars tend to stand out a lot. Perhaps someone felt they stand out too much and green stars matching the green/blue of the rest of the listing would work better.

    2. Green is often used to symbolise something being good or positive, e.g. a green tick vs. a red cross.

    I think it looks weird though. Would be surprised if this ends up becoming the default.

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  • Posted to Site Design: Stockflare's New Landing Page, in reply to Shane Leonard , Dec 11, 2014

    Cool. Great product by the way, and nice to see another exciting London startup on DN.

    I signed up (despite the scroll-jacking) :-)

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  • Posted to Site Design: Stockflare's New Landing Page, in reply to Shane Leonard , Dec 11, 2014

    Why don't you just remove the scroll-jacking?

    It doesn't add anything imo, and makes your site (and by extension your brand and your product) feel slow and slightly annoying to use.

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