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  • Posted to What programming languages should you learn?, Nov 06, 2019

    Ruby or python are very beginner-friendly. Codecademy is a great place to learn

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  • Posted to Which email service do you use ?, in reply to Graham F , Oct 23, 2019

    +1 for FastMail!

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  • Posted to Designing accessible color systems, Oct 16, 2019

    Incredible work!! What software did you use to map the shades of colour along the lightness, chroma, and hue graph? It looks like a custom Stripe interface.

    Is the Stripe design system publically available? You all do such great work!

    Finally, why is mid-Orange on a white background always rated so low when using a contrast checker?

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  • Posted to Portfolio Update, Jul 08, 2019

    Ha. Ha.

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  • Posted to Hacker News client inspired by Designer News, in reply to Ömer Akyürek , Jun 08, 2019

    Left aligned like the YouTube layout 5 years ago? Or left aligned compared to a second column?

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  • Posted to Hacker News client inspired by Designer News, in reply to Andrew C , Jun 08, 2019

    I tweaked it a bit last night to have a relatively higher density. Hacker News has an incredibly dense layout with 9px fonts, tiny touch targets (none worse than the comment up vote arrow on DN), and long stretches of text.

    I've been using HN for a few years now and the density also causes me to skim and miss a lot of interesting stories. Having a breathable post that is more akin to product hunt, Facebook, or Reddit has helped me to explore more content. This is my experience while I have been using it for the past couple weeks.

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  • Posted to Why do you think this community has died?, in reply to Duke Cavinski , May 23, 2019

    Nice work!

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  • Posted to Using a static site generator at scale, Apr 06, 2019

    Jekyll is pretty great but if there are a ton of articles or posts, Hugo ( is much more performant than Jekyll which uses Ruby instead of Go.

    Alternatively, you should definitely look into Craft CMS ( which is incredible for managing content and is extremely flexible. I've helped to build Craft sites that were deployed to 1 million unique users per month with 100s of pages of content. It is a far better developer and authoring experience than Wordpress.

    Static site generators are great and lightning fast, however, the author needs to have some knowledge with markdown or coding to deploy content and it can be a slower, less flexible setup than using a CMS.

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