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  • Posted to AWS in plain English., Sep 15, 2015

    This great. Always applauding anything that makes things easier to understand. I appreciate the effort :) Bookmarked, since I'm gonna need need this.

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  • Posted to Site Design: Please critique my portfolio ☕, Sep 15, 2015

    Hey, you're the guy who made the Balzac theme, right? You had a great WordPress theme as well on Creativemarket, but now it's not available anymore?

    Anyways, lots of people giving you feedback on the design, so I'm going focus on the writing. I have three points for you. Hopefully these will help you:

    1. Your introduction

    Your index page has this description:

    "Cole Townsend is a designer who wants to work with you."

    I think you could do a lot better here.

    • Why is it that I should work with you, instead of another designer?
    • What kind of results you would be able to create?

    For example: you have visualized Tour de France! That should be on the front page, because it's something that people can understand quickly. Brutal truth is that people think about themselves when they visit your site and want to see how you can help them.

    2. Your offer

    "He has a penchant for thoughful solutions."

    Cole, have you said this to anyone in a real life conversation? Would this be a way for you to introduce yourself? Probably not. Not trying to shame you here – we all fall into the trap of using hard-to-understand language from time to time. This is very common. I would challenge you to think of an alternative for this. How do your friends introduce you to other people?


    "Here's my friend Cole, he is a designer but not like most you've met. You have to see his work. His designs always show that he actually cares about the project and the people involved. He is very thoughtful. I'm always to see what kind of solutions he can come up with."

    Not perfect, put a little more plain language.

    3. Your social proof

    Do you have or could you get some feedback from people you've worked with? That would be great to see on the landing page. It doesn't need to be cheesy or sales-y. A nice-looking single quote could be great.

    I love the colors of the squares on the landing page.

    I hope this helps and good luck to you Cole!

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  • Posted to I would like to gift you the website, Mar 14, 2015

    Ladies and gentlemen, Shlonger needs to live on. Seems very tempting to take on this thing.

    Question to Alexander: Are basic PHP skills enough, or do you need to be an actual neckbeard wizard to run it?

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  • Posted to Apple engineer talks very candidly about the new Macbook, Mar 12, 2015

    Why this wasn't part of the Keynote? "We've made a video, and I'd like to run it for you this morning."

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