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  • Posted to Looking for blogs/zines that release their content on weekly or monthly cycles, Jul 03, 2017

    I did one myself for a while (before people dropping out whittled it down to me writing 15 articles in a weekend - I was just meant to be the designer/developer!);

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  • Posted to Made By Johannes | DIGITAL + DESIGN + DIRECTION, in reply to Johannes Lamers , Feb 03, 2017

    PC / Win 10 / 64-bit. I'm stuck on the ESR release verison of FF at work, but it might be something else specific to me. I'll look again when I'm at home.

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  • Posted to Made By Johannes | DIGITAL + DESIGN + DIRECTION, Feb 03, 2017

    Really nice, but your homepage scroll effect is completely broken for me in FireFox 45.7.0 - it has some weird rendering artifacts (white boxes everywhere), and even breaks the scrollbar!

    +1 for the ascii art name in the source though. =]

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  • Posted to Ask DN: What are your layer nicknames?, in reply to Benjamin Berger , May 12, 2016

    For renaming? There's no default set on Windows for renaming layers, never has been, from what I can remember...

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  • Posted to Show DN: VR Menu for The Climb Game, May 12, 2016

    Very slick - love it when games have this level of craft spent on menus.

    As an aside, I love the logo - whoever twigged that 'Climb' fit in to a mountain shape is a genius...

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  • Posted to Ask DN: What are your layer nicknames?, May 10, 2016

    'bg' for 'background' is a standard, but apart from that I'm a bit of a layer name OCD-er, and the best thing I've ever done to keep it in check is to change one of the shortcuts; Ctrl-R now renames a layer, rather than toggling the rulers (because who uses them?). It's the first tip I share with any other designer, and changed my life. Also, you can use emoji in layer names, so [ghost][poop] (DN won't show the real emoji) is valid too...

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  • Posted to Dropbox: Project Infinite, in reply to Matthew Blode , Apr 27, 2016

    Bitbucket offers unlimited public and private repos, it's just the number of users is limited to 5. I'm up to 7 repos so far and haven't paid a dime...

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  • Posted to AMA: Jonnie Hallman, Destroy Today / Founder of Cushion, Apr 13, 2016

    The DestroyToday Twitter app was awesome, and I miss it every day (being a Windows user). If Twitter ever revert their anti-developer stance, can we get an updated version, or is it dead to you?

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  • Posted to Ridiculously heavy webpages..., Mar 23, 2016

    One of the images is a 3.4MB .png when I load the homepage. That's... unexpected. Given the market widget is an internal DN thing, you'd hope they can fix it fairly easily (though the market homepage itself is an incredible 29MB currently). Someone needs a slap on the wrist with a web performance textbook...

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  • Posted to Show DN ✦ ScrollReveal 3: Easy Scroll Animations ✦, Dec 17, 2015

    Really nice - will certainly replace waypoints for me where only simple reveal stuff is required.

    It would be nice if you could chain siblings together, rather than explicitly referencing them, though. Something like;


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