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  • Posted to What the actual heck is Sketch doing?, in reply to Nelson Taruc , Sep 13, 2020

    Windows compatibility was so underestimated.

    For the entire game industry, that’s mostly what they’re running on so figma made so much sense.

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  • Posted to What the actual heck is Sketch doing?, Sep 13, 2020

    Hey Andrew,

    Thanks for sharing that out. I feel the exact same way. I remembered this week the video you’re talking about and again it seems like none of these things are going to happen this year.

    I also noticed the switch to figma taking over everything and it feels like they will win.

    I agree with some of the comments in here that we shouldn’t be bound to a tool and before probably this point it really felt like both were ok to use but I’m getting a feeling that it’s leaning towards figma more and more.

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  • Posted to Freelance designers in a pandemic, Aug 30, 2020

    Hey thanks for the article Craig. Great to hear from other freelancers in this situation.

    I have felt the same thing on my end regarding to the business side of things. I would have usually gotten a ton of request by this time of year and it’s a bit light compared to previous years. Feels like everything’s on hold until the situation resolves (through acceptance or solution to the pandemic).

    I did the same thing as you and using the opportunity to work on side projects. I think it’s like you said, a blessing in disguise.

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  • Posted to Niching down as a Designer and launching my own site, Aug 15, 2019

    Great job! I think it's a superb idea. The layout is a bit weird on my 2560 monitor (probably not a lot of your users) but if you wanted to look into it for quick fixes.

    Well executed concept though. Let us know how it plays out for sure.

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  • Posted to Pastel 2.0, Mar 28, 2019

    I love that someone finally tackle this. The price is too steep for me as well because it won’t replace my zeplin (still need to do handoff somehow).

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  • Posted to How Pastel found its first 25 customers, May 16, 2018

    Hey Aloke, writing here to give some feedback. After reading your article I got interested in your product. I went to your website and I think I could definitely use something like this as a freelancer. 2 things come up to mind:

    1. As a freelancer, I would like my clients to pay for it and not me (maybe that's possible to some sort of referral?).

    2. I have a problem with the day based free trial. If I need to integrate a new tool in my process, I need to make sure it works well with all the other tools I'm currently using. I'm scared that it's going to fragment the process too much.

    For instance, a lot of the teams I'm working with use Asana or Jira to track tasks. We then use another tool to track new designs (invision, marvel, sketch cloud, dropbox) and we include the links in the task tool (Asana or Jira). Now I could use a separate tool like pastel for audits and include the links as well but this does add one more tool to the process which makes me a bit more anxious.

    To validate that I can use it efficiently, I need to use it from the start of a project to the end of the project. If I can't do that I won't commit to it because it's pretty high risk for me.

    I really like how invision approached that (I've been an invision paying customer for a couple of years now). They let me have at least 1 project for free so I can test it out with any new project, include my client and all that without committing.

    Invision also provides a way to "hand off" the project to the client afterward so it uses their 1 free prototype without taking one of mine. I realize your model is different, the point is mostly about the ability to use it for a project from beginning to end.

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  • Posted to I emptied my savings to buy a newsletter., May 12, 2018

    Hey Andrew, great article. I think it's great you were able to overcome your fears to buy a product. I feel like it's riskier (maybe more exciting too) when you're coming out of a service business but it looks like you'll do just fine.

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  • Posted to I'm not happy with Sketch, May 06, 2018

    I honestly have not had that many issues with Sketch until I started designing for large apps (300+ screens).

    Maintaining a symbol library with images and use that across multiple sketch files makes my top of the line macbook pro agonize slowly (even if I only have a couple of artboards showing in my file). It’s crazy. There’s a project where I had to split my design for 1 website section in multiple sketch files to make sure Sketch could handle it (about 10-20 artboards total).

    I think that besides that it’s still among the top UI tools.

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  • Posted to Looking for designers to answer my short thesis questionnaire about your satisfaction with your storage and sharing solutions, Apr 20, 2018

    Hello Caroline,

    Would be great to get a follow up on your writings. Any way I can get access to it once you’ve completed it? I would also like to connect regarding your research.


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  • Posted to Button's shouldn't have a hand cursor (part 2), in reply to Andrew Hersh , Apr 14, 2018

    I think it's still good to question our "tried and true" visual cues because as the web evolves, interactions evolve and sometimes these are no longer tried and true. Your point is totally valid though, definitely causes a distraction! The OP forgot about his own encounter that made him think about the question in the first place.

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