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  • Posted to I'm Dan Mall. Ask me anything!, Sep 05, 2019

    Hey Dan!

    Thanks so much for making your wisdom accessible today. Excited to be taking your workshop on designer-developer collaboration at SmashingConf in October.

    Can you speak about how you manage SuperFriendly projects when working across multiple projects across time and space with the Hollywood Model? I'm particularly curious about a few things:

    (1) I've inhaled all the writing about how to run successful remote projects from in-house teams (Doist, InVision, Buffer, etc), but I've come across far less with agencies. How is it different, if at all? I imagine the Hollywood Model adds another layer of complexity, as well.

    (2) Back when you did project work at SuperFriendly, how did you get involved with most of these projects? What were the outputs that you were personally responsible for? Did you still mainly spend your time hands-off, focusing on strategy and directing the team?

    (3) What are the most valuable tools or processes for running projects and developing products that you've found works for SuperFriendly?

    Thank you!

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