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  • Posted to A few thoughts on commenting systems... , in reply to Luke Murphy , Jul 01, 2013

    You are making me think about this again. I have tried to wrap my head around this too before and I got quite distracted. The ultimate thing in my mind though is the compelling content to even comment to. It's the community that is being built in that particular blog so no matter how you format them, it is the tone that you mark within.

    It would really be great to have a blog format that the comment is just as important as the entry itself. A List Apart + Medium in terms of context and web page placement would be the simplest. Now, If the comment could be in voice + visual (text, photo, infographics?) and embedded at the same level as the article/blogpost (right side? left side? turn comment padding on-off?) -- why shouldn't there be a Pinterest-inspired comment format? Sounds too idealistic but we can pick and choose good ideas, tone them down (simplify) and we may reach somewhere.

    I'm scattered-brain I know! I may need more time to be contradicted by others and I could contribute to the solution better soon!

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  • Posted to This is a web page, Jul 01, 2013

    The cunning thing is that everyone gets to think a lot about this. Justin just sparked great conversational piece and debate (and emotions!!). I think that gets the job done.

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  • Posted to This right here, this is the job., in reply to Nicola Rushton , Jul 01, 2013

    It is such an earned wisdom... not everyone has grasped it enough to live it.

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  • Posted to This right here, this is the job., Jun 21, 2013

    I like that. But there are several factors that would make your work miserable (according to my previous dark side):

    1. You have no collective business vision to herd the sheep
    2. Your professional principle and ethics go against your job
    3. You have no self-respect and respect for others that you're working with
    4. The whole morale and the work environment is toxic

    Perhaps that kind of work we're all expecting may be too delusional -- but asking for just the basic principles that you have may have some leverage so we can deal with difficult challenges better.

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