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  • Posted to We Fucked Up, Oct 08, 2015

    Well done taking ownership of this and acknowledging that it matters.

    To nitpick the language a bit (sorry), I think "oversight" and "stupidity" might not be the best excuses to offer. Maybe a more accurate word would be thoughtlessness? That doesn't imply malice, but does accurately reflect that there was deficiency in the thought process that led to this.

    Oversight and stupidity are both difficult to fix, and thus, easy to excuse again in the future. But, you can build thoughtfulness into your processes. We all can.

    For everyone complaining that this is trivial, why take the time to join this conversation then? Even if you feel that this doesn't matter to you, it's not harming you that people care about it.

    And if you feel it is harming you that a community is attempting be a little bit better at including people (all people) then, maybe take a few minutes to unpack that thought.

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  • Posted to Show DN:, Oct 02, 2015

    Good stuff!

    Echoing what other have said about the nav, give that another look. Maybe just a bit more white space would help. And yeah, probably ditch or rework those :hover states.

    One other note would be the readability of #BFBFBF for some of your text. Especially when it falls on a light gray background (in those project blocks, for example).

    And kudos for having a style guide - great way to keep yourself honest.

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  • Posted to Show DN:, in reply to Paul Kinchla , Oct 02, 2015


    Georgia was a decision completely driven by performance, just couldn't bring myself to load a few hundred kilobytes of web fonts. And, it's a pretty nice look'n typeface!

    Good point, think those could use a bit more visual weight and/or white space.

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  • Posted to Show DN:, in reply to David Darnes , Oct 02, 2015


    Agreed, I'll play around with some other colors or maybe think about using an image there.

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  • Posted to Show DN:, Oct 01, 2015

    Hoping for some feedback and happy to hear suggestions. Finishing up a redesign of my personal site (aren't we all). It's light on content, but it's mostly a repository for writing and photos in the future. It will eventually house more professional work (development and design), which will get its own section.

    For context, my stated goals for the design refresh were: performance, readability, friendliness.

    And if anyone is interested, the source is on github (it's a jekyll site, hosted on S3). Happy to field questions about hosting or deployment.

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  • Posted to Examples of simple, effective personal sites, in reply to Daniel Eden , Aug 26, 2015

    Always enjoy the iterations of your site, Dan.

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  • Posted to Examples of simple, effective personal sites, in reply to Paul @Stammy , Aug 26, 2015

    Love the travel sections, Paul. Nice work!

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  • Posted to Drop Dropbox, in reply to Beth Richardson , Apr 11, 2014

    I think I was a little unclear here, the name calling was from two other members. It just happened to be attached (further down) to the thread that my comment was on.

    I agree that name calling isn't acceptable and I wasn't asking for the community to care about that, but to value the members who are actually trying to have a civil discussion. Again, I think I was unclear, my bad.

    That said, I think you accidentally made my point for me here :)

    I didn't even read the deleted comment, but I'm sure it was a good call.

    That's exactly what gives me pause. When comments are moderated with no transparency, you don't get to decide that for yourself.

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  • Posted to Drop Dropbox, in reply to Clark Wimberly , Apr 10, 2014

    Another feature request for comments like this: all the upvotes.

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  • Posted to Drop Dropbox, Apr 10, 2014


    You deleted my comment on this post. I understand that you're trying to keep everything civil and kudos to that. But, the lack of community moderation here (only upvotes, no downvotes) and the current admin moderation process (bulk deleting comment threads) doesn't inspire much trust.

    It's hard to grow communities, but transparency is really important when you do.

    I spent five minutes writing a thoughtful reply to a pretty harsh comment. If downvotes were a thing, I probably just would have downvoted. Now, because the thread turned into some name calling, my response is gone.

    Not a huge deal. The result, though, is that next time, I'll probably take my comment to a community that cares more about it.

    Disagreements are good! You want that. You want people with differing opinions conversing with each other. If it gets messy, let the community try to manage it (give people a chance). Deleting threads shouldn't be a primary response.

    Anyway, now I just spent 10 minutes on this comment :)

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