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  • Posted to New Yahoo! logo, Sep 24, 2019

    It looks fine I guess. My initial thought was "What's the point?" Didn't they just redo the logo a few years ago? I feel like Yahoo has bigger problems right now than their brand identity.

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  • Posted to Charity: Reimagined, and Redesigned., in reply to Jim Silverman , Jul 10, 2019

    Found that out the hard way :) I really need to get a magic mouse

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  • Posted to Elon Musk's face, flat-illustrated to the oblivion. Good or bad, what do you think?, Jul 01, 2019

    I think it's alright. My main complaint is that my eye is drawn away from him and toward the background, since it's so much more complex. They put him in the foreground, extremely large, so I assume they want him to be the focus of the image, but it's just not working right now. I'd have preferred if they would have given his face a bit more detail and the background a bit less.

    Other than that, it's well done. Colors are solid, it's easy to see that it's supposed to be Elon, etc. Just needs a bit more separation between foreground and background.

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  • Posted to Apple Permanently Removes Dashboard in macOS Catalina, Jun 05, 2019

    I never use the dashboard, so it's not a huge deal for me personally. Do you guys still use it for anything?

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  • Posted to Typography Terms Cheat Sheet, in reply to Hussain Raja , May 29, 2019

    Everything is fine...but that's just it. The website is just fine. For a "world leader" in user experience you'd think they'd be knocking it out of the park or doing something unique that shows their expertise. Instead they have a website that looks like a stock wordpress template. There's essentially no heirarchy on the page, typography is all over the place, they're not leading the user to a specific action...the whole thing is just...bleh.

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  • Posted to Typography Terms Cheat Sheet, May 28, 2019

    For a company who claims to be a world leader in user experience, their website is surprisingly mediocre.

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  • Posted to Any success at coworking spaces?, May 21, 2019

    Like Alex said, the networking aspect of coworking spaces is pretty minimal. At least in the one I used to work at (Idea Foundry in Columbus, Ohio), everyone basically kept to themselves and was focused on their work. I suppose if you went to after-hours events you could connect with some folks, but during the day there won't be a whole lot of mingling.

    That said, they're great for getting into a setting where you're actually focused on work and not distracted by whatever you have going on at home. The only reason I stopped going was because the Idea Foundry tripled their pricing overnight and it didn't make financial sense anymore.

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  • Posted to What Mike Monteiro Taught me About Feedback, in reply to Andrew C , May 09, 2019

    I've never even seen his work, since Mule doesn't post any on their site. Where'd you find it?

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  • Posted to What Mike Monteiro Taught me About Feedback, in reply to Dustin Dahlberg , May 08, 2019

    Yeah, absolutely, it's a good article! Probably should have pointed that out in my original post. There's some good advice there!

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  • Posted to What Mike Monteiro Taught me About Feedback, May 08, 2019

    Mike Monteiro has some great stuff ("Design is a Job" is even one of my favorite design books) but he's kinda going off the deep end lately. The more opinions and ideologies I read from him, the more I'm convinced that he's doing more harm to this industry than good. I mean, check out the Mule Design google reviews. Pretty rough stuff.

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