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  • Posted to What's the best font manager right now? I'm tired of SkyFonts..., in reply to No Name , Oct 13, 2018

    Yeah, we have Google fonts in FontBase. is not free to use, so can't have that, I guess.

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  • Posted to Huge invites wave to Invision Studio, Mar 23, 2018

    Got an invite, yay! No Windows version, nay :(

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  • Posted to FontBase 2.3 — Glyphs are here!, Dec 14, 2017

    What's new:

    • Glyphs support: now you can view and copy any glyph of any font on the specimen page
    • Minimize to tray support
    • New improved interface with sexy black sidebar
    • CPU improvements: now consumes almost none
    • New single fonder structure, much like Dropbox
    • New settings page

    As usual, will be happy to answer any questions!

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  • Posted to Collect by FontBase — Use Google fonts in a single click, Oct 24, 2017

    Hey! Just wanted to share what we were working on the last few months. Our latest addition to FontBase is Collect. With Collect, you can activate any Google fonts in just a single click. As simply as using and activating a local font.

    And the second thing that we added is the much requested grouping by font family. So now when clicking on a family, a Specimen page will open, showing all the styles from the selected family.

    Looking forward for any feedback and comments that you have!

    Psssst. And also, just for DN a coupon code for one free month of FontBase Awesome: FBLOVEDN

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  • Posted to Introducing InVision Studio, in reply to Tom Reinert , Oct 19, 2017

    I think I got what you mean. But it would probably still need some "states" of the app/website, that would represent different screens, and this will be like artboards in some way, anyway.

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  • Posted to Introducing InVision Studio, in reply to Tom Reinert , Oct 19, 2017

    I don't know. What's the solution here, you think? Creating a tool that lets you output fully functional frontend logic without the need to code? If, in theory, that would be possible, it would still be only frontend, without backend. And create a tool that lets you do both? Probably not possible. And even if possible, every design/client/solution probably needs a different technological base (e.g. one use C#, the others use Node.js) so connecting that to the design in a single tool would be probably impossible too.

    So this leads us back to the possibility of a tool, that would let us to create fully responsive (real) frontend part of the app/website. But again, it would not be functional: no data would be transferred from the databases, no real login, no nothing. So if you think about it, you would still just have components and theirs states with animations. And this is pretty close to what we have now.

    Isn't it?

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  • Posted to Introducing InVision Studio, Oct 18, 2017

    January 2018 can't come soon enough.

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  • Posted to Introducing InVision Studio, in reply to Cristian Moisei , Oct 18, 2017

    Why do you think so? I'm quite sure it's the opposite.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: What side project are you working on this weekend?, Oct 08, 2017

    Still working on FontBase :)

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  • Posted to AMA: Adobe XD 2017, Aug 30, 2017

    Any possibility that we might see updates coming out faster?

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