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  • Posted to Sync Your Figma Designs with Overflow: Overflow + Figma Integration is here! , in reply to Natalie Masrujeh , Jul 17, 2018

    Overlflow looks very polished for a beta, and I love the design on the arrows connecting the screens but what's the advantage of using Overflow versus doing this in natively in Figma? I feel like if your design every changes it'd be more efficient to create your arrows and prototype in Figma instead of need to resync changes each time.

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  • Posted to Airbnb Cereal typeface, in reply to Karri Saarinen , May 16, 2018

    How do you plan to handle the challenges involved in bringing Cereal to the web when it comes to non Latin character sets? As of now CJK webfonts arent widely used because of the amount of drawbacks they have such as performance and incomplete character sets. I think custom typefaces are great but the rest of the wprld that uses non latin character sets almost always gets left behind.

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  • Posted to Are Designers Stingy?, Jan 08, 2018

    Mozilla makes 100s of millions in tax-exempt revenue from search royalties, which is why they don't need to charge anything. I'm sure everyone working on their products is getting a decent salary and is not expected to just work out of the goodness of their heart. That sounds like a greedy software company by your definition.

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  • Posted to Can anyone tell me cool design podcasts?, Sep 07, 2017

    Great stuff on the business of design.

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  • Posted to Why Sketch Will Buy Figma, in reply to Marc Edwards , Sep 07, 2017

    Even this data is misleading. If this data included non-english speaking markets I don't think Sketch would be the clear winner in market share. In the Japanese market for example Adobe is still very strong mainly because of the proper localization.

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  • Posted to Design studios in Tokyo, in reply to Bruno Campos , Jun 12, 2017

    Yea, send me an email at hello[at] !

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  • Posted to Design studios in Tokyo, Jun 11, 2017

    Hi Bruno, I'm a designer based in Tokyo. I'm actually creating a studio out here which should be up and running by then. I'd be happy to meet with you guys and show you around.

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  • Posted to Minority Designers, in reply to Akshay Chauhan , May 31, 2017

    It's worked out really well being different has really helped me stand out at times. However a lot of design is subjective and based on culture and local design trends design preference varies significantly, so you really need to study up on things as a non native.

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  • Posted to What to Listen While Designing ?, May 31, 2017

    Been listening to a lot of Honne and Snakehips. I usually find a lot of stuff I like through the Majestic Casual channel on YouTube.

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  • Posted to Minority Designers, in reply to Rashan Casseus , May 30, 2017

    As Akshay said, a designer who immigrated to another country and works in the design field. For example I'm an American who immigrated to Japan and work as a designer here.

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