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  • Posted to "We're going to improve DN" *crickets* , Dec 19, 2019

    I used to be a very active member of this community. Just checked my profile and saw "over 6 years ago". Probably I'm the oldest member in this thread. Back then, community grew just by referrals so that made quality to be stable and under-control. It was small community, maybe 100-200 members, but it was sincere. It was like a small town, everyone knows each other.

    They inevitably removed invites because it was growing slowly. We saw many spams after that. Some people posted backlinks to make their SEO "better". These are all normal when a product is open to public but the thing is, this product used to have a different url People from layervault was quite proactive and made important improvements. Also, the old url reminds me It's like a twin sister of it so I liked the old one better.

    I still visit almost everyday this site. Needless to say, I couldn't find the old spirit. I think it all happened when layervault said goodbye.

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  • Posted to Interactive portfolio of Cihad Turhan, in reply to Steven Kenneth , Jul 29, 2019

    I'm more of a developer than designer so that's expected. In fact, there isn't more design tools when compared development – hundreds of libraries, languages –

    I could've added some soft skills such as typography, user stories, wireframes etc because these are more expected skills in design, I find it difficult to measure those skills. And, I had to limit # of tentacles for the sake of performance so that's why I narrowed down some skills.

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  • Posted to Interactive portfolio of Cihad Turhan, in reply to Ahmet Sulek , Jul 25, 2019

    I listened you :)

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  • Posted to Interactive portfolio of Cihad Turhan, in reply to Duke Cavinski , Jul 24, 2019

    I knew it was going to be a problem. I'll optimize and see how it goes.

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  • Posted to Show DN: I made on puzzle game on boolean operations, Mar 25, 2019

    Congrats Mark, It's quite a fun game. Really nice idea!

    Before clicking the link, I thought it was a game related to boolean operations in programming (as zeros and ones) and said to myself, "hey, how creative can it be?" then I realized it's boolean operations in vectors (although they have same logic)

    Two feedbacks:

    • Add a success sound when you successfully complete the stage, or buzzing sound when you fail.
    • I didn't fully get when I should use the operations. Take game-pad icon, I move the base first, then move the other buttons to right. After all, I click "subtract" button. Does that mean all the buttons will be subtracted from base? or, will it just subtract the last button from the button before last? Hope this helps you to get the problem Edit: Never mind! I figured it out after I played a few more stages


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  • Posted to Slack new logo!, in reply to Cameron Getty , Jan 18, 2019

    Here is your healthcare service logo: Healtcare

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  • Posted to What do we think of Fiverr?, Aug 08, 2018

    THIS is what I think.

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  • Posted to Supernova Studio, Mar 14, 2018

    Anyone tried? I'd like to hear some feedbacks. It seems like more or less a prototyping app but I gotta install it. Publishing iOS, android and react-native app at the same time seems a huge deal.

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  • Posted to Blokks — Incredible, embeddable schedules, in reply to Parvez S , Feb 13, 2018


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