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  • Posted to Don’t get judged based on the state of your Sketch file., in reply to Joseph Decker , Oct 05, 2016

    Great tip! Thanks!

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  • Posted to Ask DN: How do you track small and large design changes?, Oct 04, 2016

    Some changes are just destined to get lost in the void. I've learned to accept it.

    But your question is pretty broad. Do you have a specific example? A scenario? What kind of changes are we talking about?

    We basically inform the team on-the-go (we sit next to the developers), but we do not expect them to implement them immediately. We write up an issue in JIRA explaining the desired changes, convince the product owner why we believe the change is absolutely necessary and then hopefully, it will end up in one of the upcoming sprints.

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  • Posted to Site Design: ProductPages.xyz – Curated directory of the best product pages, Oct 04, 2016

    "The best product pages". These are just screenshots. I want to read why they are the best product pages.

    Still a great overview for inspiration though.

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  • Posted to Don’t get judged based on the state of your Sketch file., Oct 04, 2016

    I've seen some horror sketch files. I use Framer.js to make prototypes from Sketch files which are handed to me by some designers. I waste about two/three hours just reorganising, grouping and renaming layers so I can use them in some way. Now I don't expect a fully organized Sketchfile (I always need to reorganize & rename some groups and layers to animate properly), but some organization is really helpfull.

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