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Alexis Wollseifen

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  • Posted to Billi – Be Money Mindful, in reply to Jonah Grindler , Dec 17, 2021

    (congrats on the pre-launch)

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  • Posted to Billi – Be Money Mindful, Apr 28, 2021

    I really like your job @jonah ! It's really good looking ✨

    I may have some questions for you :-)

    Is it related to Rollie? And are those a job you get or more like side-projects of yours? If so, are you good at managing your finance? (I'm definitely not so that kind of product would be a good help for me).

    As a product designer, I may be interested at learning more about how you made that kind of tool, and why. Do you plan to share your process or journey with a case-study or whatever?

    Overall, good job, and thanks for sharing ! ✌️

    (hope DesignerNews will actually post this comment. It seems working one time out of ten)

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  • Posted to An Ultimate Guide on How to Make an App for iOS and Android, in reply to Zenesys Technosys , Apr 05, 2021


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  • Posted to Complete guide on how to create an app like Instagram, Mar 15, 2021


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  • Posted to Complete guide on how to create an app like Instagram, Feb 22, 2021

    Can you stop posting on Designer News please? It's not that relevant and definitely looks like spam...

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  • Posted to 8px grid system, in reply to Richard Sison , Apr 08, 2020

    Arf, now it works. I've answered you below :)

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  • Posted to 8px grid system, Apr 08, 2020

    (looks like I cannot directly answer comments so here we hare)

    Thank you for your response Richard B. & Richard S.!

    I actually did tried this system for a more "classic web project". And yes, it is way much easier!

    The redundancy of the 8px already creates a consistent visual base. In fact, I focus more quickly on the essentials, without having to check the sizes, spacings, etc.

    It also allows me to work on visual coherence in verticality, which I have left aside so far, for lack of time.

    From a collaboration point of view, it is clearly easier to work with other designers following this simple 8px rule. This rule ensures a kind of "healthy environment" without limiting the creation too much.

    I plan to meet with the development team to present this solution.

    For now, it's a win within our Design Team!

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  • Posted to IMGBIN - Resource of millions of free transparent PNG images, Apr 18, 2019

    THIS IS GOLDMINE. My slack general channel doesn't looks sad anymore !

    Thanks :)

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  • Posted to [April 2019] Who's Hiring?, Apr 16, 2019

    We are looking for freelance UX/UI designer(s). Mostly web stuffs like microsites and landing pages. We have a lot of projects right now.

    We = Hoffman. Where = Montreal.

    Remote work is possible but clearly, being Montreal-based, french speaking is a plus.

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  • Posted to Rollie – Spending Tracker, in reply to Jonah Grindler , Apr 16, 2019

    Will be Rollie available on Android?

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