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  • Posted to The portfolio of Jonathan Patterson, in reply to Paul Pederson , Feb 28, 2017

    Isn't 'accessibility nightmare' kinda super overdramatic though? I mean it's his personal portfolio site not Given the context I can't see these imperfections hindering any of his actual users one bit.

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  • Posted to Fire 'Em!, Nov 18, 2015

    While I love an extreme strong approach to presenting and getting your messages out there, it still has to originate from a place of empathy and caring, whereas Mike’s instead seems rooted in pride and contempt, bitterness even.

    The greatest, most effective leaders are genuinely kindhearted people. They won't bring that negative, judgemental energy into their environment not only because they actually respect and value the people in it, but because it's simply not in their nature. They're just better people than that.

    I idolized him when I was young/inexperienced, but slowly realized he'd become an awful example of leadership for this field. Yes he's had a good influence before, but these days his negative impact is exceeding his positive contributions.

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  • Posted to How to design award-winning websites, Aug 26, 2015

    @ the holier-than-thou attitude towards these types of sites...

    Everyone understands that when a website is in a situation where its users are arriving already looking to complete a certain task or get certain information, then the design should focus on getting them to their goal as quickly/easily as possible.

    But a lot of sites aren't in that situation. The users coming to them aren't already invested in doing or learning anything in particular, they're often just browsing around and following links from tweets/articles. Those users will be gone in seconds if what they see doesn't grab their interest and engage them. In these situations, the design should focus on being unique and stimulating in order get them interested enough to stick around and actually absorb the content, gain a memorable impression of the subject, and even share it with others.

    Yeah, the FWA's and awwwards and the like tend to focus on sites in that kind of situation, but you can't really argue that many of them aren't basing everything around the users, just like you advocate for.

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  • Posted to Examples of simple, effective personal sites, in reply to Mark Louie Espedido , Aug 26, 2015

    Thanks for the mention I'm flattered <3

    Just a disclaimer due to OP's criteria though: While it's definitely been effective, I wouldn't describe my site as simple or lightweight. What I was going for was a visually rebellious, flamboyant explosion of personality. An approach I wouldn't recommend to many, but hey, I do me.

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  • Posted to Site Design: Fantasy, Aug 12, 2015

    Well this is disappointing. Remember the kinds of things they built their reputation on? Like ?

    Seriously, compare their new site's page for their Nickelodeon project: to their old site's page it: They've already had that infinitely better case study for years.

    They took great content and threw it in the trash, so they could replace it with content that ACTUALLY IS trash.

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  • Posted to Dribbble goes full screen, in reply to Alex Dave , Jul 25, 2015

    That's just dramatic.

    Dribbble isn't a site that people depend on in order to get info about their healthcare or pay their energy bill or something. It's not disrespectful of them to see which changes people like by just trying them out live.

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  • Posted to There Are No Experts in the Web Industry, May 08, 2015

    I don't see how being an expert requires knowing and mastering literally everything related to the subject.

    It's not humanly possible to meet that requirement, which means experts are the people who, ya'know, meet it to the near highest level that IS humanly possible.

    No one who doesn't understand that they need to be constantly learning, and hasn't sharpened their ability to best seek new things and challenges out and learn from them would get anywhere near that level. Everyone who does approach it shares the attitude you have.

    Basically, what you wrote is just part of what means you ARE an expert :P

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  • Posted to Are you currently on Dribbble?, in reply to Philip Weber , Apr 30, 2015

    It has become the dominant index people use to find designers. Even if you only have like 100 followers, you'll still get a lot of people finding you in the search results (usually for location) and reaching out about work.

    "but dribbble shots aren't a good way to judge a designer!"

    That's why there's a big ol' link for your site at the top of your profile. People don't base their whole hiring decision on those little squares.

    Plus, it's a blast to just put up crazy animated fun stuff that doesn't fit into a portfolio project, for instance:

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  • Posted to Are you currently on Dribbble?, Apr 30, 2015

    Oh hey John, was surprised to see your profile when I saw this post. Let's catch up again on Skype sometime.

    Oh yeah, my dribbble:

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  • Posted to Adventure Machine, Mar 19, 2015

    Real simple concept, super fun result. And omg Madeon <3 I'm like a 12 year-old fangirl.

    Srsly though, needs a randomizer feature! Every 4 measures or so, it'd automatically change just one of the sound loops (for seamless transitioning) and wahlahh, infinite, constantly new music!

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