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  • Posted to AMA: I'm Manoela Ilic, Co-founder of Codrops, in reply to Manoela Ilic , Jan 22, 2015

    Thanks for the response! I never knew computational logic even existed, and am definitely looking further into it. If a follow-ups allowed, I'm curious :

    • I see you use Atom and browser dev tools - are you writing all the js and css by hand? • Do you ever have a need for tools like yeoman, grunt, npm, etc? • Any preference between less/sass and/or frameworks like bootstrap or compass? Have you guys created your own?

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  • Posted to WhatsApp doesn't understand the web, Jan 22, 2015

    If facebook has any plans for future integration into their flagship site, they might be setting the ground to maintain their privacy policy and their strict separation and control of 3rd party clients

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  • Posted to AMA: I'm Manoela Ilic, Co-founder of Codrops, Jan 21, 2015

    Hi Manoela!

    • How do your degrees in cognitive science and computational logic influence your work on a daily basis?
    • Could you provide any insight into the benefits and drawbacks of going that route vs a HCI or UX or CS route for undergrad/graduate school?
    • Do you have any favorite authors and designers?
    • Why do you call yourself Mary Lou?

    btw, absolutely love the work you do! Your ideas and implementations always prove to be fresh and invigorating. Thank you!

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