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  • Posted to Your Startup is Overthinking Design, Feb 19, 2014

    Think a lot of people are missing the point here.

    The article isn't trying to describe the perfect way to build any product, instead it's a pragmatic solution to getting design work done in early stage startups.

    If I'm working on a product that is changing rapidly I'd rather have a robust style guide than a set of page mock up that are obsolete in a week.

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  • Posted to "web sites" vs. "web apps", May 15, 2013

    I'm the guy that got 'laid into' at responsive day out. Since then I've been thinking about this whole web sites vs web apps thing a lot.

    I can defiantly see where Jeremy's coming from as there's no definitive differences I can think of that makes one thing a web app and another a web site. I'd argue it's about what the site/apps function is but even that is still pretty fuzzy.

    I think the problem arises when people think of things as being either a web app or a web site. When in my mind it's a spectrum from very 'appy' to very 'sitey'.

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